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Hair Care Tips During Sleep Time So That There Is No Breakage Or Damage In That Span

During sleep, exactly how we remain unaware of what happens around, we don't know what happens to our hair. So, the right hair care regimen right before going off to sleep is very important if you want to wake up with good hair. Early in the morning, having a good hair can make you feel good and also save time from your hair-do sessions.

Though extra hair care initiatives can be taken at night depending on the hair type, hair length and so on, yet some basic hair care to-dos and tips remain constant for all hair types.

haircare during sleep

On doing these, your hair is less prone to damage and breakage. Though the list of hair care to-dos and tips before sleep is long, these promise you good hair days.

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Shampoo, Conditioning

Also, these to-dos might not confine to your hair only. Some extend to your bed, hair accessories and so on. So, try these bedtime hair care tips and you will see a big change in your hair quality, texture and volume in sometime.

Dry Your Hair Before Bed

Always ensure that your hair is completely dry when you are going to sleep. In case of wet hair, the tenderness is more, which increases the scope of breakage or split ends. Also, wet hair might be the cause for bad smell in your hair. Thus, before going to sleep, use a fan or dryer to dry your hair completely.

Do Not Tie Your Hair High Up

Have you ever woken up to a slight pain on your hair and not on your head? This happens if your hair was not properly tied during the sleep hours. Always make a low bun, ponytail or braid while going to sleep. If you sleep with open hair, then none can save you from the next morning hair tangle fight. Also, make low hair ties while going to sleep to get a good hair day the next day.

Use A Silk Pillow Case

During sleep hours, the pillow case and hair are in direct contact and react on each other. So, do not use a cotton pillow cover, as the harsh texture can react on the hair. Also, hard cotton pillow case might have dust particles which may get dragged on to your hair. In case of a silk pillow case, the hair feels soft and the natural moisture of the hair is also retained.

Comb Your Hair Before Sleep

Many a times due to tiredness, we tend to go of to sleep with the existing hair state and not comb it. This is a major mistake that can lead to hair damage, loss and so on. Please make sure that you comb your hair from top to end before sleeping, so that in that span it is arranged and organized.

Use A Shower Cap And Sleep

To remain completely in the safe side, you can sleep on with a shower cap and protect your hair. The shower cap keeps the hair in shape and also its soft material adds to the hair care to-do. However, do not repeat using the same shower cap every day. Change your shower cap frequently, so that your hair is neat and clean.

Avoid Clips Or Elastic Bands

A common mistake that women make while sleeping is that they use clutches or elastic bands or bobby pins on their hair and go off to sleep. As you will move during your sleep hours, the hair accessories might poke your scalp or become tough to remove the next morning. So, while sleeping, try putting only cotton hair bands or scrunchies for 100% protection of your hair.

Baby Powder Or Cornstarch Treatment

Lastly, often while going to sleep, we discover that the hair is oily and we want it to look more voluminous the next morning. For those times, just dab some baby powder or corn starch to your hair roots and comb off before sleep. Next morning, your hair will surely show a change.

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    Story first published: Thursday, July 20, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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