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Durga Puja Special : Bollywood-inspired Hairstyles With Saree (Day Wise)

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Durga puja is very hectic and women love wearing sarees during this festive season. With the saree, the hair has to go perfect in order for you to look breathtaking. But what to do with the hair?

Once the saree is draped, a common dilemma among women is, what to do with the hairstyle? Amongst the hecatombs of the puja, there is hardly any time to check online for different hairstyles. So, to manage your time and yet make you look and feel like a diva, here are hairstyles that you can try with sarees.

durga puja special

These hairstyle looks by top-notch Bollywood heroines are a perfect combo with a saree and can be done easily at home.

Do these hairstyles before draping the saree. Spend a little extra time on the hair. Once done, just drape the saree and you are all set for a ravishing look during Durga puja. Oops! Don't miss out on the makeup.


Shashti – Side-swept Hairstyle

On the first day, you don't have to spend long hours on your hairdo. Just do a neat and deep parting at the side and walk out. At the back, you can have short, mid or long length of hair. Those who are usual with side-swept parting, on the festive days can go for middle parting. So for Shashti, the idea is to keep changing your hair parting.


Saptami – Plait And Pony With Front Hair Twists

Though this may look easy but it takes time to be done. First, comb your hair neat. Next, take hair fringes at the front and fix them in plaits or twists. At the back, do a small hair plait and tie it up, leaving the end portion open. This hairstyle is good for Saptami, as it may take time to do, but with the Durga puja climax nearing - wouldn't you want to improve your styling?


Ashtami – A Big Hair Bun

Even if you miss, but no woman misses to wear a saree on Ashtami. Ashtami is like the ethnic day of Durga puja. To keep your look completely ethnic, a neat hair bun at the back is the best. Fix your hairbun tight with clips and ribbons, so that even amidst the hussle and bussle of ashtami puja, it stays in place and at par with your looks. The bun you make can be accessorized with flowers, brooch and so on.


Nabami – Open Hair With Curls At End

Now, when it's the last day of the puja, how about some open hair and curls? Just keep you hair open and at the end, tuck in those curls or loose twists. You can do this using an electronic hair styler or simply wet your hair and tie it into tight plaits for a few hours. By the time you hit the pandals in the evening, you will get curls by the end of your hair.


Dashami – A Messy Hairdo

By dashami, you are tired. To keep it simple for the very last day of puja, just arrange your hair into a messy bun or pony. This is easy to do and hardly takes time. This goes bingo with a saree, exactly how Deepika Padukone carried it in her film 'Piku'. Though the end is messy, the front side of the hair should be neatly arranged.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 23, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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