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2 Powerful Ingredients Made Into 1 For Better Looking Hair


If you wish to get long and lovely-looking locks, then this is an article you must read!

In the market, you will see a ton of hair oil, shampoo and conditioners, each of them promising you better hair growth and treatment for better-looking hair.

But, according to beauty experts, nothing can beat home remedies that tend to do wonders for your scalp.

It is said that if you continuously use home or kitchen ingredients to pamper your hair, you will not suffer from any problem. In fact, using home remedies for a long period of time will only do your hair good.

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Today, Boldsky advices you to combine these two powerful ingredients to one. Honey and olive oil are effective and have rich properties on their own. Therefore, when you combine them, you will be blessed with a lot of other advantages as well.

In fact, olive oil is used on the scalp and hair to increase hair growth, pamper tired and damaged hair, whereas honey is used to get rid of the scalp problems that include scalp infections and dandruff.

Using this combination on the hair will also provide to you a few more surprises.

So, if you wish to try out this humble combination of ingredients, go ahead. Pamper your tresses this summer and let your scalp feel refreshed and strong.

Take a look as to how honey and olive oil can help in making your hair feel and look awesome:

Procedure To Prepare The Mixture

In a bowl, add one cup of olive oil. To this add half a cup of honey and using an egg beater, whisk the two ingredients well. If you find that the mixture is sticky, add more of olive oil. Now, heat this combined mixture over a low flame for about 3 minutes. When done, wait for the mixture to cool down before application.

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When To Apply

Before using this amazing treatment, it is best to rinse your hair and leave it half-dry. Apply the warm mixture to the scalp and then massage it to the end of the strand. Allow the the mixture to remain in your hair for 30 minutes. After the time, rinse your hair with water, till the oil is removed.

Why Are These Ingredients Combined?

As mentioned, olive oil has properties that will help to increase hair growth and get rid of limp and damaged hair. Honey aids in making the hair shine and also provides your roots with strength.

When these two ingredients are combines to one, it becomes all the more effective for the scalp. The combined mixture is used to get rid of all types of hair problems, which include dandruff, scalp infection, hair fall and even lice.

How To Let Your Hair Benefit The Mixture

The best way for your hair to benefit from the mixture is when you apply this mixture and leave it on the hair like a mask. Once the entire head is covered with this healthy mixture, wrap your head with a warm and damp towel. This mask provides moisture to each strand and it mainly focuses on the scalp and roots.

If this mixture is applied on your hair thrice in a month, you will soon start to see the change in your hair, from the quality to quantity that will improve in an effective way.

Story first published: Tuesday, May 10, 2016, 8:00 [IST]