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3 Kitchen Ingredients Can Make Your Hair Soft & Silky In A Week!

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Do you struggle every morning to make your dry, brittle hair look somewhat presentable? Are you exasperated with your dull, lifeless mane?

If yes, then you may have also tried many hair products available in the market, which claim to make your hair super soft and silky; however, most of them prove to be utter disappointments.

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It is always the same drill, try a new hair product, be disappointed when it doesn't work, look at your hair in the mirror, try another product and keep your fingers crossed!

how to get soft hair naturally

Well, if you are getting tired of the whole process of trying to make your hair healthier, then you should give natural remedies a go!

Many a times, even if you are born with soft, healthy hair, external factors such as dust, pollutants, poor diet, not consuming enough fluids, etc, can make your tresses dry, brittle and damaged.

There are various natural ingredients that are easily available, which come with numerous benefits for the hair.

Did you know that the combination of egg yolk, coconut oil and whipped cream can make your hair softer and silkier with regular use?

Well, learn how to make and use this fantastic hair pack, here.

how to get soft hair naturally

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Recipe To Make The Hair Pack

Ingredients Required:

  • Egg Yolk - 2 tablespoons
  • Whipped Cream - 2 tablespoons 
  • Coconut Oil - 2 tablespoons

The combination of egg yolk, whipped cream and coconut oil acts as a potent natural hair-hydrating recipe that infuses the hair and its roots with the optimum level of moisture required, thereby eliminating dryness.

In addition, egg yolk and coconut oil nourish our hair to the maximum extent by infusing the cuticles with proteins and minerals, thereby reducing further damage and eliminating hair problems like dry scalp, split ends, etc.

Whipped cream has the ability to retain the natural pH balance of your hair and it also adds a nice sheen to your hair, making your tresses feel soft and silky.

how to get soft hair naturally

How It's Done:

  • Add the suggested amount of ingredients in a mixing bowl. 
  • Mix the ingredients well to form a paste. 
  • Now, apply the mixture on to your hair. 
  • Spread it evenly, i.e., from the roots to tips. 
  • Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. 
  • Rinse off your hair with some warm water and a mild shampoo.
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