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Taking Care Of Your Hair This Winter

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Winter means picnic and parties. Winter means Christmas and cakes. You can’t miss any of these and also want to look good everywhere. But, winter and looking good are extreme opposites, right?

How can you be look gorgeous with chapped lips, Rudolph nose, cracked heels and rough hair? Winter means these an inevitable thing. Does that mean you should lock yourself within the 4 corners of your room?

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Definitely, not. Enjoy winter and cool breeze with tips on how to take care of your skin as well as hair this winter.

Taking care of your hair this winter is easy if you know simple tricks. Winter means there is lack of moisture in the air. So, your skin and hair lose the moisture and become dry.

If you have dry skin, you face the maximum number of problems. Your skin should always be moisturised, so that you don’t get any cracks or flakiness on the skin.

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The formula is same for your hair. While you’re looking for the best tips of taking care of your hair this winter, you should keep your hair moisturised and shiny.

You must have got several tips on how to take care of your skin this winter. Here you’ll get information about taking care of your hair this winter. Read on to know more.


Hot Oil Massage

You can get the best help from this trick. Winter makes your hair rough and dull. To get back the luster, you can warm hair oil and have a gentle hair massage. If you have problem of dandruff, add lemon juice to it.


Wash Less

Water washes away the moisturizer from your scalp. Besides, too much shampoo will make your hair frizzy. Don't shampoo your hair regularly. Washing your hair twice a week will be enough. And never use hot water as that will remove moisture fast. Take lukewarm water.


Use Comb with Wide Bristles

Winter means irritating frizzes in your hair. It is very difficult to keep your hair open in rough winds. Use comb with wide bristles and comb your hair gently. Don't fight with frizzes; rather, use hair mist to smooth those and comb smoothly.


Don’t Forget Hair Conditioner

Taking care of your hair this winter can't be done without hair conditioner. Each time you wash your hair, apply hair conditioner on the ends of your hair. Never use it on scalp. You can stay away from the problem of split up ends and it will add shine to your hair.


Dry Your Hair

Never comb or tie your wet hair, especially in winter. This practice not only will lead to hair fall but also other hair problems like scalp infection, etc. Take your time to dry your hair naturally or use dryer to make it fast.


Hair Treatment Mask

You can't avoid these treatments while taking care of your hair this winter. There are several homemade ways to provide your hair shine and bounce, even in winter. You can use banana and avocado mask, or egg white treatment to take good care of your hair this winter.


Try Cover Your Hair

Yes, it feels awesome to have open hair and let the wind run through your locks. But, in winter, the rough wind only makes your hair rough and dull. Try to cover your hair with scarf while you're travelling through any vehicle. Taking care of your hair this winter is easy.

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