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7 Common Mistakes You Make While Drying Wet Hair!

You wash your hair a couple of times a week, you make sure you are eating right to keep your hair healthy, you use the best hair products out there, however, your hair still lacks luster and is prone to damage!

It can be quite disappointing, right? You do everything you can to take good care care of your tresses, yet they seem to lack health and radiance.

Well, then maybe you are doing something wrong. Maybe the process of washing, drying and then styling your hair seems like a simple one. Especially since you have been doing it all your life!

What if we told you that the simple process of drying your hair, which you have been doing for years now, may be wrong?

Yes, whether you dry your hair using a blow-dryer or you air-dry it naturally or by using a towel, the process has to be done right and certain things must be avoid to prevent hair damage.

Have a look at some of the hair drying mistakes you must totally avoid, here.


Mistake #1

Many a times, women tend to let their hair dry, as it is, after a wash. Stylists advice that, this habit can increase frizz, so pulling your hair into a lose ponytail or a plait can prevent frizz when your mane is dry.


Mistake #2

Not using a leave-in serum, if you are drying your hair naturally can also make your hair prone to dryness and frizziness, is what experts say.


Mistake #3

Going to bed with wet hair at nights, can also lead to a lot of damage, as wet hair is very fragile and constant friction with the pillow can do damage!


Mistake #4

Rubbing your hair too vigourously with a towel, in order to dry it quickly can also result in cuticle damage and hair fall.


Mistake #5

Brushing your hair right after you wash it, thinking that it will get all the water can also damage the roots and lead to hair fall, as wet hair is still very delicate.


Mistake #6

Blow-drying your hair too often can also result in damaged hair. Try to naturally dry your hair as often as possible!


Mistake #7

Not sectioning your hair, while drying it is a common mistake people make, especially when they are in a hurry. This habit can make the hair extremely dry and frizzy.

Story first published: Thursday, July 21, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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