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Natural Tricks To Give Those Gorgeous Curls That Extra Bounce!

By Kumutha

Rich lustrous locks cascading down your back in a glorious mass of natural curls, can any sight be more breathtaking than that? We doubt!

People shell out big bucks, sit hours under a beautician's scrutiny, burning their tresses under the scorching curling rod, all to get those enticing curls.

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And how the one who is naturally blessed with twirling silky curls forgets to appreciate it, is what we totally can't understand!

Sure, curly hair takes more maintenance than the regular locks, but it is every bit worth it!

First thing people with curly hair should do is to not fight it, or constantly try to tame it, and instead embrace the wildness of it.

In fact, accentuate it, revel in its spring, and let it bounce. Yes, we bet, you will be amazed with the results.

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And if you have a few tricks up your sleeves, taking care of your curls will be that much easier. Curated here are ingenious, yet natural, tips to make your curls turn extra curly and not to mention, bouncy!

And whatever you do, steer clear from the chemical-chocked products that do more damage than any good.


Flax Seed Gel To Tame The Frizz

Frizziness is a constant companion of curly hair. Flax seeds not only tame the puffiness of your hair, but also make it soft and shiny.

Heat ½ a cup of flax seed with ¼th cup of water, bring it to boiling. When it becomes frothy, turn off the heat. Add a few drops of essential oil for fragrance. Let the solution cool at room temperature. Store the gel in a spray bottle. Use it on wet hair. Take a few drops in your palm, lather it gently on your hair, and scrunch it for that added bounce.


Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo

The best thing you can do for your hair is to go completely sulphate-free and use herbal alternatives instead. We recommend apple cider vinegar, since its pH level is close to the natural pH level of your hair.

Mix ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water, and rinse your hair with the solution. It will exfoliate your scalp without being too harsh.


Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Its the moisture that makes your hair curly. And loss in moisture could only mean frizziness, tangled and brittle hair. Rich proteins in mayonnaise can bring your curls back to the usual spring.

Take organic mayonnaise in a bowl, whisk to get a smooth consistency. Dampen your hair. Using a brush, apply it liberally through your scalp and hair. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then wash it clean with a mild shampoo.


Dry Your Hair With A Cotton T-Shirt

Rubbing terrycloth towel against heavy curls can only lead to friction, which in turn leads to frizziness. Once you are done with shampooing, apply a quarter-sized conditioner on the ends of your hair and don't rinse it out. Instead wrap your hair in a soft, preferably old, cotton T-shirt and scrunch it to remove the excess moisture. Your curls will stay intact for a longer time without frizzing out!


Avoid Touching Your Curls

Prevent the urge to touch your curls because you will not only disturb the natural flow of your curls, but also the oil and dirt on your fingers that will pass on to your hair, making it limp. And also, limit the amount of heat you expose your hair to, as it can fracture the hair strands and make it turn more frizzy.


Pin Your Hair For Extra Volume

To give your dry hair that extra volume, try this tip. Spritz your hair with water, now starting at the crown, wrap a section of your hair around your finger, slide your finger out, and pin the coil in place with a clip. Do this technique for your entire hair. Once your hair dries out, remove the pin and enjoy those bouncy curls.


Know Your Hair Type

First step to taking care of your hair is knowing your curl type. Determine whether your curl falls in the category of wavy hair, curly hair or coiled hair, and select hair care products accordingly. Hydrate your body and hair with enough fluids and never comb your wet hair.

Long live the glorious curls, and if you have any more tips for curly hair, do share them with us in the comment section below.

Story first published: Saturday, August 6, 2016, 7:30 [IST]
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