Life-Changing Hacks For Curly Hair

By: Rima Chowdhury

It usually does not matter how we appear at home, but by the time we reach office, we are left with a heavy nest on our heads. For some of them, their hair is curly and you simply cannot embrace them from getting curled.

No matter how much conditioners or hair-straightening gels they use, such people always end up getting curly hair after some time. The morning routine becomes long, very long, while taking care of extremely curly hair.

However, if you are the one who has curly hair and ends up getting frustrated managing them, here are a few hacks to deal with them better.


1. Apply Conditioner Before Washing Your Hair

Like most of us apply shampoo and then proceed to a conditioner, the routine for curly hair is totally different. You should apply your conditioner before washing hair and then wear a plastic cap. After some time, wash your hair with a shampoo as usual. Make sure you wash your hair with a shower, so that it locks the moisture in and keeps those curls manageable all the time.


2. Comb While Showering

People with curly hair should remember that you must comb your hair while in the shower and not afterwards. Instead of combing the hair after drying it off, comb your hair soon after applying a conditioner and do it thoroughly. If you comb your hair after a shower, it can separate your curls and cause extra frizz.


3. Avoid Using A Towel

You should avoid using a towel to absorb too much of water from the hair and also retain the moisturisation. Instead of a towel, use a T-shirt which will help to absorb the water and also maintain the hydration on the hair. Using a towel can help to soak the hair but absorb too much of water, thus leading to dry hair and extra frizz. You should use a T-shirt to keep your hair in a better state.


4. Use Coconut Oil

If you have curly hair, coconut oil should be your savior, as it helps to keep your hair in place and also adds a nice shine. Before using a shampoo, apply coconut oil all over your hair and wait for some time. Make sure you apply the oil on the ends of the hair and rub it with the help of your palms. Wash off with lukewarm water to get a smooth texture.


5. Use A Leave-in Conditioner

You should use a leave-in conditioner and then go for a workout. Make sure you secure your hair in a ponytail or high bun for the workout. The heat generated between the hair while working out can help to lock the moisturizer, which will give soft hair. Securing a bun in a ponytail with a leave-in conditioner can help to keep your curls soft and bouncy.


6. Use A Satin Pillow Cover

You should use a satin pillow cover rather than cotton, as it helps to prevent tangling of the hair and cuts out the frizz. You should sleep with your hair in a pineapple form to maintain the curls and retain the texture of hair. Avoid using cotton pillow cover as much as you can, as it helps to avoid frizziness and the tangling problem.


7. Style Your Hair Using A Diffuser On The Coolest Setting

You should style your hair with the help of a diffuser maintained on the coolest setting. Using a cool setting can help to add shine to your hair and also keep it manageable. Avoid using a blow dryer as much as you can and if possible, use it in the coolest setting mode as well.

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