5 Hair Mistakes We Women Commit Everyday

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To a woman, her hair is the most important asset, how many of you agree on that? Women find it a necessity to treat and pamper their hair to the extremes.

They are always looking at new hair care products and serums to gel their hair with. But, according to experts, it is the wrong way to look after tresses.

It is said that if you want to have beautiful-looking hair, it is necessary to ditch the habits you currently follow.

It means that you should get rid of that chemical-based shampoo and switch to homemade one, avoid the hot equipment as they only damage the scalp, stick to only homemade or natural serums and avoid the chemical-based ones, etc.

5 Hair Mistakes We Women Commit Everyday

Most women follow these habits, which they think are good and essential; however, if you continue to apply these products to your hair, by the end of 5 years, you will be left with bald patches.

Therefore, Boldsky advices you to ditch the bad habits and follow some of the new ones, which can help in promoting better hair growth and care for the scalp. Take a look:

Not Protecting It From The Sun

Not Protecting It From The Sun: Whenever you step out into the sun, make sure that your locks are protected. Though vitamin D is necessary for better-looking hair, too much of the sun's rays can damage your tresses.

Always Tying It Up

Always Tying It Up: If you are blessed with good-looking hair, flaunt it as much as possible. Tying your hair into a bun or braiding it every day will only lead to more hair loss. Tying your hair too tight is also not good, as it can lead to a receding hair line.

A Daily Hair Wash

A Daily Hair Wash: Washing your hair every day with scented shampoos and oily conditioners will not do you any good. If you have an oily scalp, rinse your hair twice or thrice in a week with plain lukewarm water. Also, wait for your hair to dry completely before running a comb through it.

Making Use Of Hot Product

Making Use Of Hot Products: Hot products will do no good to your scalp. Avoid the usage of hair straightners, blow dryers and curlers. If you hop into a saloon, only opt for a warm dryer and not too hot.

Flaunting It In Pollution

Flaunting It In Pollution: If you have a stunning looking hair, don't make a mistake of leaving it wild and free when stepping outdoors. Always make sure to cover your hair from pollution to avoid the scalp from getting dirty and oily.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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