Benefits Of Using Hair Serum

By: Tara Hari
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Hair serums are considered a miracle solution for dry, rough and frizzy hair. It makes your hair look manageable, smooth and silky. Heir serums contain silicon, which coats the hair and reflects light, making your hair look shiny. It also protects hair from damaging elements such as harsh sunlight, humidity and pollution. Hair serum gives your hair the appearance and feel of healthy hair.

Hair serum must be applied along the length of your hair and the tips. It should not be applied to the scalp as it causes the hair to be oily and should be applied to wet hair for the best results.

Benefits Of Using Hair Serum

Silicone present in hair serums are considered to cause damage to hair by causing build up. But this is harmful only for certain hair types. And silicone can easily be removed from hair by using cleansers containing certain chemicals. Let us examine whether hair serums are good for you or not.

Hair serum gives your hair a lustrous appearance. Dry, frizzy, rough and unmanageable hair is a curse for a number of women. Hair serums make hair manageable and shiny, giving it a healthy sheen. It gives life to dull hair and removes tangles easily.

Individual strands are protected from damage by applying hair serums. They effectively shield hair from the harmful effects of styling tools, pollution, dust and humidity. Thus, hair serums protects your hair from becoming dry and coarse due to prolonged exposure to damaging factors.

UV Protection
Some hair serums contain UV protection formula. Constant exposure to sun causes damage to the hair. UV protection in hair serums protect the hair from sun damage.

Hair serums act as good conditioning agents for your hair. Instead of using oil that makes hair greasy and stick to your scalp, serums can be used. Serums effectively control frizzy, rough hair, and makes it more manageable.

Styling Tool
As a styling tool, hair serums are better for your hair. Heating irons and curling tools will cause long term damage. Hair serums can be used to style your hair without the harmful side effects to your hair. If they are applied to your hair before styling tools are used, then hair serum prevents your hair from being over heated.

But although hair serums have the following benefits, they only give the appearance of healthier hair. If you want naturally shiny and nourished locks, then a balanced diet must be followed.

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Story first published: Thursday, May 30, 2013, 3:31 [IST]
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