DIY Banana Hair Conditioner For Smooth And Silky Hair

By Bindu Vinodh

A hair wash is complete only when you condition your hair after shampooing. This is because shampoo cleans the hair off excess oil and dirt, and opens the hair cuticles, while the conditioner seals it back by locking up the nutrients and keeps away pollutants. This process helps in strengthening hair shaft, prevents split ends, breakage, and hair loss. Further, conditioning helps in keeping the dryness away and seals the moisture back in the hair.

Deep conditioning treatments can get too expensive when done in a hair salon, or when you purchase conditioners from stores available as packaged products, not to mention the overload of chemicals in them. Furthermore, most of these conditioners may strip hair off their natural oils. Therefore, making your own hair conditioner with natural ingredients at home may be a great way to nourish your locks with the required nutrients.

how to make Banana Hair Conditioner at home

There are various options for making a natural hair conditioner at home. However, this article throws light on how to make a banana hair conditioner at home, and how it can help you gain smooth, silky hair.

Benefits Of The Banana Hair Conditioner

•    Restores vitality and adds shine to your hair, makes it bouncy.
•    Bananas are great moisturizers, and hence can penetrate deep into the scalp.
•    Vitamins A, E, C and natural oils in bananas prevent the split ends, improve hair growth and elasticity of hair.
•    They prevent hair breakage and arrest hair fall.
•    It is affordable, and simple enough to be prepared at home.

How to make Banana Hair Conditioner at home?

Now that you have enough reasons to use a banana hair conditioner, here are three simple, effective recipes for DIY banana hair conditioner.

Recipe 1


•    2 ripe bananas, depending on your hair length
•    1 tbsp coconut oil
•    2 tbsp olive oil
•    2 tbsp honey
•    Rose water - a few drops
•    2 tbsp yogurt (optional)
•    2 tbsp coconut milk


•    Slice the bananas, add honey and all the other ingredients except rose water and transfer to a blender and blend well to make a smooth paste. Add rosewater for a pleasant fragrance.
•    Shampoo your hair as usual. Use this conditioner while your hair is still damp.
•    Apply this banana conditioner for hair with a wide-tooth comb from the root to the tip.
•    Leave it on for 30 minutes.
•    Rinse hair well with water and wash out the banana.
•    Allow it to dry naturally and beautiful, bouncy hair is all yours!

How this conditioner works?

Bananas act as deep conditioner for your hair, while honey hydrates hair naturally, moisturizes and promotes hair growth. The antioxidants and fats in coconut milk add volume and nourish your hair, while coconut and olive oil add shine and condition it. Rose adds a pleasant fragrance.

Recipe 2


•    1 big ripe banana, depending on the length of your hair
•    2 tbsp yogurt
•    2 tbsp castor oil
•    1 tbsp honey


•    Peel the banana and mash to a fine paste. Add all the other ingredients and blend well.
•    Partition your hair with your hand and apply the mixture from the root to the tip.
•    Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it on for 30 to 40 minutes.
•    Rinse off with normal water.
•    Repeat at least once a week for effective results. This will boost hair growth, apart from repairing damaged hair, making it silky soft.

How this conditioner works?

Banana promotes hair growth, conditions it and prevents breakage and dryness. Castor oil nourishes and strengthens the roots. Honey is a natural hair softener. Yogurt is used to add lustrous sheen to dull hair, making it more manageable.

Recipe 3


•    2 ripe bananas
•    ½ cup organic honey
•    ½ cup olive oil (optional)


•    Roughly chop the bananas and combine with honey in a blender to make a smooth puree. Add olive oil into this mask for extra moisturization.
•    Partition your hair and massage it into the hair; starting from the root, working your way to the tip.
•    Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the mask undisturbed for 20 minutes.
•    Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm or cool water

Aleovera Homemade Deep Hair Conditioner for strong and shiny Hair | DIY | Boldsky

How this conditioner works?

Honey has polyphenols that protect the hair from damage, apart from deep conditioning and moisturizing your hair. Olive oil also helps in strengthening hair roots and seals in moisture.

You can try any of these banana hair conditioners once a week. They work wonders for dry, brittle hair, and will help by fortifying your hair with necessary nutrients. Now, you can easily pamper your hair at home without having to deal with harmful chemicals, not to mention, the money it saves. What's more? It leaves your hair silky soft!

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