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6 Amazing Benefits Of Using Henna On Hair

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Henna is a flowering plant and the only species of Lawsonia genus. The plant and the name henna have become synonymous with the dye it produces. This dye, or henna, has amazing benefits on the hair. It is even used as a means for temporary body art.

Henna is safe to be used and is not that expensive. Additionally, the procedure of application is easy enough to be done at home.

It was initially only found to be used in Arabian and Southeast Asian countries. Henna became famous in these countries mostly due to the usage of henna on brides. Henna is used as a temporary tattoo to adorn the arms, hands and legs of the bride.

It is great even for people who want a tattoo but are too afraid of the permanence of tattoos.

However, in this article, we are going to list certain benefits of henna when used on the hair. It can be used as a hair dye, since it has such a strong stain. But, it also has a lot of other hair benefits as well.

Read on to know more about the benefits of henna for hair.


1. As A Dye:

Henna has a very strong stain. A lot of people who have early greys use this as a dye to turn hair back to brown. A negative effect of this is that henna turns orange as it fades, so if you don't do a touch up of henna within fifteen days, your hair would look orange.


2. To Treat Itchy Scalp:

Applying a henna mask mixed with amla powder can help reduce scalp itchiness, as amla in general is known to reduce sebum production. Excessive sebum is the main culprit behind an itchy scalp. This trick using henna is amazing for the hair.


3. For Hair Growth:

It is suggested that using a henna mask every week can actually promote hair growth. It basically mends the hair follicles and promotes hair growth to give a nice, lustrous mane.


4. As A Shampoo:

Did you know that after using a henna mask you don't need to shampoo your hair? Just make sure that you haven't shampooed your hair 12 hours before applying henna. Henna can cleanse the hair really well. This is one of the best benefits of henna for hair.


5. As A Conditioner:

Yes, that's right. It can be used as both a shampoo and conditioner! After using henna as a shampoo, there is no need for you to use a separate conditioner because henna nourishes the hair from deep within.


6. For Stronger Hair:

Regular usage of henna ensures that your hair stops thinning and you also get stronger hair. It adds volume to the hair and makes it become thicker and shinier without doubt. So, have you used henna for hair already, if not, what are you waiting for? Try it out NOW!

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