Try These Hairstyles If You Hate Tying Your Hair

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Tying up your tresses constantly is not a good idea, especially if your prone to hair fall and if you have weak roots. Experts state that leaving your hair loose is ideally the best as it can make you look chic and happening. Leaving your hair open can also hide thin hair and cover up those bald spots too.

So, ladies are you game to look at some of the perfect hairstyles to try of you hate tying up your locks! 7 HOT HAIRSTYLES FOR DIRTY HAIR

These seven hairstyles on the list are quite simple and you don't require too much of time either. It is the perfect hairstyle even for the lazy girl who hates to run a comb through.

These hairstyles which allow you to leave your hair open does not require hair spray neither does it require you to use a styling comb.All you need to do is get your hair washed and dry, and run your fingers through. In some of these hairstyles, you will need a clip or two. So, here are some of the perfect hairstyles if you hate tying your hair into a bun or a pony:


Tousled Hair

This is the best hairstyle to try out when you are super late. This hairstyle works best on wet hair. When your hair is wet simply scrunch it with your hand and ring them a little to give you this tousled look.


Loose Braids

For the girl who loves to leave her hair open should try this creative braid hairstyles. You can leave your hair open and focus on the fringe to work a braid. You can also have a side loose braid.


The Hun

Simply wow! This hairstyle is not rocket science. You need to comb your hair straight, take the crown portion of your hair and style it into a bun. Use bobby pins or a crunchie to tie that little bun.


Half Updo

Most of the brides use this hairstyle on their big day. It is not only simple to wear, it is also easy to maintain. All you need to do is back comb your hair from the crown region to puff it up and then pin the hair in this region together.



If you feel it is time to upgrade from that boring braid, get yourself some dreadlocks. You can go for days not worrying to comb your locks. At the same time you can leave your hair loose and even style it to a bun!


Centre Parting

Simply comb the strands and let them fall on either side of your face. It is the perfect hairstyle if you hate tying your hair.


The Big Waves

This is the perfect hairstyle to try if you hate tying up your hair. This hairstyle makes your hair look thick and adds volume too. Try hair tongs to help create waves in your hair.

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