Best Oils To Mix With Coconut Oil For Hair Care

By: Debdatta Mazumber
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Getting long, smooth and healthy hair is everyone's dream. But the dust and pollution makes your hair rough and dull. Moreover, serious health problems like diabetes or thyroid can cause breakage, split ends and many more problems. If you have any internal problems, consult a physician without delay. But for your regular hair care, you can choose from the many homemade remedies.

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Coconut oil is one of such simple remedy which is available in any household and can be used to provide the utmost care to your hair. The benefits of coconut oil are innumerable. It not only moisturises your scalp and hair, but the anti-fungal properties are also helpful to cure dandruff. To enhance the benefits of coconut oil, there are several oils to mix with coconut oil for hair care. For example, you can add few drops of castor oil to coconut oil. For fast hair growth, this is a wonderful tip.

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Also, there are other ingredients you can add to coconut oil for hair care. It can be aloe vera, hibiscus and many more. Every ingredient has its own advantages. You just need to know what you need for healthy locks. You can take oils to mix with coconut oil for hair care. Here are some ingredients you can add to coconut oil for hair care-


1. Aloe Vera

For deep conditioning; make a homemade conditioner which has no side effects. Take coconut oil as per the length of hair. Now add 2 tsp aloe vera juice. You can also add few drops of lavender oil. Now, blend everything and apply smoothly on your hair.


2. Rosemary Oil

Which are the oils to mix with coconut oil for hair care? Rosemary is your answer. Mix 4-5 drops of rosemary oil with coconut oil. Massage your scalp and hair gently. This solution not only moisturizes your hair and scalp but rosemary also enhances the blood circulation.


3. Honey

One of those ingredients you can add to coconut oil for hair care. Take equal quantity of coconut oil and honey. Heat it. Now, apply it on wet hair from tip to end. Wrap hair with a towel for 10-12 minutes. To treat damaged hair, this mask is magical.


4. Tea Tree Oil

You have tried several things to get rid of dandruff. But never get permanent result. Make a pack with 2tspcoconut oil and 5-6 drops of tea tree oil. Massage gently and wrap your head with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Wash your hair with mild shampoo.


5. Strawberry

Ingredients you can add to coconut oil for hair care must include this one. To get shiny look, make a pack with smashed strawberries, coconut oil and honey. Apply it and wait for 20-30 minutes. Wash gently with warm water. You can try this hair treatment before attending any party.


6. Avocado

Are you irritated with your dry and frizzy hair? Then nourish your hair with avocado and coconut oil pack and maintain a moisturized hair even at winter. Smash avocado pulp and add coconut oil to make it smooth. Apply to your hair and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse thoroughly.


7. Banana and Olive Oil

To make your hair thick, make a mask with coconut oil, olive oil and banana. Blend bananas well and add the oils to make the mixture smooth. Massage your scalp and hair gently. Wait for 15 minutes and wash thoroughly.

Story first published: Sunday, November 8, 2015, 12:04 [IST]
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