Tips For Smoothening Dry Hair At Home

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One of the simple solution to retain natural shine of your hair comes with home remedies. Applying henna instead of chemically treated hair colour is one way of smoothening your hair at home. Fruit hair packs, natural or homemade shampoos and conditioners, alcoholic beverages and even dairy products help in smoothening dry hair from within.

Home Remedies For Dandruff And Dry Hair

Though these home remedies are safe to use, it is always important and necessary to do a patch test. Before using any of the ingredients listed below, apply a small quantity on the back of your neck. After 24 hours, check to see if the scalp feels itchy. If yes, avoid the ingredient completely.

Here are some of the tips to try at home to make dry hair look healthy and shiny. Take a look:


Herbal Teas For Dry Hair

Green tea is one of the best ingredient to use on dry hair. The properties present in green tea enables to strengthen weak and dull tresses making them glow naturally. Rinse the hair from root to tip with green tea water. Likewise, chamomile tea can be used to stimulate hair growth and for providing a natural shine.


Dairy Products For Dry Hair

Dairy products like milk, yoghurt, egg white are applied as hair packs to treat dry hair. After application, wrap the hair with a hot towel. After 30 minutes, rinse the hair with warm water and a mild shampoo. These products have calcium that helps to strengthen the hair from root to tip.


Essential Oils For Dry Hair

Massage the scalp and tips of the hair with warm coconut oil, olive oil or lavender oil. These three essential oils promote hair growth and prevents premature greying of hair.


Fruit Juices For Dry Hair

Pamper your hair with fruit juices. Mix a tablespoon of fresh apple juice with two tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply the mixture to the ends of the hair and leave it for 10 minutes before rinsing.


Vegetables Pack For Dry Hair

Grind about 100 grams of spinach leaves to make a paste along with 50 grams of kale. Combine the pastes and apply on the hair from root to tip. This vegetable hair pack will provide nutrients to dry hair, making it silky and smooth.


Sour Beverages For Dry Hair

Apple Cider vinegar is a natural cleanser which will leave your hair clean and shiny. Rinse hair with this home remedy twice a week to help get rid of dry hair.


Beer For Dry Hair

Rinsing your dry tresses with beer will not only aid in getting rid of dandruff, but will also help to pamper dry and damaged hair from root to tip. Follow this effective home remedy twice a t month to get desired results.


Homemade Shampoo For Dry Hair

Homemade Shampoos like that of soap nut is an effective treatment for dry hair. Wash the scalp and tips of the hair with soap nut paste twice a week. This home ingredient will also help to get rid of an itchy scalp.

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