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From bright and bold colours, stunning prints, classy patterns and sky-high heels, celebrities have a way of impressing us, common people.

Recently, Bollywood celebrities have started flaunting a new trend: fringes. This hair trend started with a bang when Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai graced the cover of Vogue Magazine for  March 2015. The sassy and hot mama looked breath-taking on the cover featuring a straight cut fringe paired up with a fur jacket. Aish's bold look on the cover gave us an idea as to how a fringe should be carried out in style.

After this magazine was released, a lot of Hollywood and Bollywood beauties started sporting the haircut. Teenage girls and young women have sported the look and believe me, they look fabulous.


Though the fringe haircut raises an oomph statement, it is indeed difficult to maintain those short tresses over the forehead. The short and choppy hairstyle has to be pampered and textured every time you change your hairstyle.

Today, Boldsky shares with you ways in which you can care for your fringe. If you follow these simple hair care tips for your fringe, you will soon start to look like a celebrity. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at how you can care for your fringe:


Cut According To Face Shape

It is necessary for you to ask the beautician which fringe cut will suit your face shape, before you get your hair chopped. Straight fringes for oval shaped faces, side fringes for round face shapes and if you have a square face shape, forget about a fringe.


Streak It According To Skin Tone

If you've got the attitude to carry out a fringe with a few streaks, opt for it. This style suits women who have a bold attitude. On the other hand, streak your fringe only if you have a bob hair cut or short hair till the shoulders.


While Rinsing Your Face

While rinsing your face, lift the hair from your forehead using a hair band. If you hair gets wet, blow dry it to a style you want. FYI: Don't let your hair fall on your forehead 24/7 as the oils from your hair will cause acne.


A Messy Fringe Look

The messy fringe style is suggested only for young women and teens. To get a messy fringe look, wet your hair a little and run your fingers through it. Using your fingers, shift your fringe from side to side till it air-dries.


Smoothen Your Fringe

If the texture of your fringe feels rough and dry, smoothen your fringe with a little gel. Straighten it with a hair tool and let your hair flow gently over your forehead.


Style It The Side

If your fringe is long and covering your eyes, the best thing for you to do is style it to the side. Side fringes have become a latest fashion and almost every celebrity is sporting one.


Facing A Cowlick Problem?

A cowlick is little tuft of hair which tends to be unruly popping up anywhere on the fringe. If you are facing this problem, use a water based gel to tame your fringe.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 7:34 [IST]
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