9 Types Of Hair Braids You Must Try

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Hair braids or hair plaits were known to be the most dynamic trends a few decades ago. Especially in African and American culture hair braids or hair plaits were known to be the most fashionable hairstyle. Even in India, it is a common sight to see women with a neat hair braid. With the changing times we have seen that braids have been managed to create thousands of styles and make millions of statements.

Hair braids, now come in different styles, but this form of hairstyle has never gone wrong and will never do. Though there are many kinds of hairstyles that we imbibe in our daily lives. But hair braids stays classic forever. In the meanwhile, it is important to note that, in order to braid your hair, it is necessary to know that your hair should have the accurate length in order to sport braids. With long hair, various hair braids can be adopted for different occasions. If you want to keep it simple, just a neat tucked pleat is the best option. Apart from that, if you want to don different yet stylish look, you can go for other types of braids which not only makes you elegant but is also a stylish.


The Fishtail

Fishtail is catching the trend. In order to get a fishtail all you have to do is start with just two section of the hair. This hairdo looks really great with both western and traditional outfits.



If you do not want your hair to cover your forehead or eyes, then this is the best hairstyle. Fringe braid looks like a band worn just above the forehead. You can make it look stylish by either creating prominent braids or much smaller ones. This braid serves a great purpose and it looks adorable.


Jasmine Braid

We all have seen 'Aladdin' series once in our lifetime. This hairdo is similar to that of his girlfriend Princess Jasmine. It is a type of a French braid where the hair should be plaited along the way to accomplish the look. It is quite a long braid and in order to get the right look, you should have a long and dense hair.


Traditional Milkmaid

This hairstyle is almost like a tie back hair braid. This hair braid just needs two braided pigtails crossed atop the head. It looks elegant and can be dressed up or down.


Downward Milkmaid

The downward milkmaid hair braid can be achieved by loosely tying the french braid. Segregate the hair into three to four sections. This can be worn passing it across one another near the neckline or can be let loose.


Full Crown braid

This is also one of the most common hairdo we all sported as kids. This hairdo starts behind one ear and goes above or around the head. It is a cool-looking hairdo.


Classic French Hair braid

This is one of the famous hair braids ever known. The French braid is a beautiful and classic hairstyle. It may appear to look complicated, but the finished effect will be worth the effort.


The Tie-Back braid

This hairstyle can be the most fashionable yet giving a classy look. This hair braid can be styled by using the front part of your hair, particularly the ones in front of your ears, make a braid on each side and secure them together in the back. Pinning the plaits underneath the
hair will complete the look and makes you look beautiful.


Two Side Braids

This is one of the most stylish and the easiest braid hairstyle. All you have to do is, grab all your hair over one shoulder and braid straight down. Or you can make a side pony and braid it.

Here are some of the beautiful types of hair braids that you can try to look neat yet stylish:

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