Hairstyles To Cover A Broad Forehead

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Few women have a very large forehead. There is not much you can do about a large forehead. It is partly hereditary and sometimes it happens due to your wrong combing techniques. The best you can do is to hide your broad forehead with a nice hairstyle. The trouble is that a broad forehead makes you look bald. That is why it is important to have the right hairstyle for a broad forehead.

If you want to keep things simple, bangs are the best hairstyle for covering a broad forehead. Bangs are basically fringes of your hairstyle that fall over your forehead. This helps to cover up your large forehead. There are different kinds of bang hairstyles that can be tried. You have the straight bangs, side bangs and messy bangs.

Sometimes having a messy hairstyle can also cover up a broad forehead. For example, Rihanna has a very large forehead. That is why she looks best in messy hairdos.

Here are some apt hairstyles to cover up a broad forehead.


Dense Straight Fringes

This is a very popular style to cover up a large forehead. Taylor Swift carries this hairstyle to perfection. The fringes are thick and long so that they almost come up to her eyes.


Side Bangs

When you side part your hair after getting straight fringes, it can be called side bangs. This style is slightly more comfortable because it prevent the long fringes from falling into your eyes.


Side Swept Hair

Supposing you do not have fringes, you can still cover up your forehead for a special occasion. Firstly side part your hair. Then take one section of your hair, comb it to the side, puff it up and pin it.


Loose Bun With Side Fringes

When you have a large forehead, you must avoid tight hairstyles because they make your face look pinched. Kate Winslet has presented herself beautifully by making a loose bun and leaving her side bangs free.


Asymmetrical Fringes

When you have asymmetrical bangs (fringes cut to different lengths), a messy bun can give your hair lots of volume and bounce.


Messy Bobbed Hairstyle

The classic bob looks good when you have straight and thick hair. But if you want to cover a large forehead, you must try a messy bob cut. Your hair will be cut in steps to give it a messy shape.


Chinese Cut

This is a popular haircut for little school girls. But even adults try this hairstyle now. The Chinese cut is basically a sparse layer of short front fringes. If you have thin hair, this hairstyle is ideal for you.


Side Swept Bun

Side swept hair is a natural way to hide receding hairline. When you sweep your hair to the side, it falls in a 'U' covering your forehead. Side swept bun is currently a very popular hairstyle in tinsel town.


Middle Parted Fringes

We have already talked about side fringes and straight bangs. This bang hairstyle is more or less the same; the difference being that you have a middle parting. You can pull your into a pony or a bun with middle parted fringes.


Messy Blunt Cut

Blunt cut hair is a neat and low maintenance hairstyle. When you chop your hair into a messy blunt cut and add some small fringes, it can cover up a large forehead. This hairstyle is very suitable for you if you have soft curls.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 17, 2013, 21:30 [IST]
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