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Is It Time To Get A Haircut?

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Most of us do not have any fixed period of time to get a haircut. It depends on a lot of factors like how fast your hair grows or the type of hair cut you currently have. However, it is a known fact that trimming your hair at regular intervals is good for hair growth. But the deal is that, we are both hesitant and superstitious about cutting our hair regularly.

There are many myths surrounding the question, what is the right time to have a haircut. For example some people say that you should not cut your hair in the rainy season. It is time to break out these myths and decide when to get a haircut based on the below practical reasons.

Hair Cut

When Should You Get A Haircut?

1. When you start noticing split ends: You have seen many television commercials and advertisements telling you that a shampoo or conditioner will 'repair' your hair. But trust me, no hair product in the world can repair your split ends. So it is best to go for a little hair trimming when your hair looks ragged at the ends.

2. When hair thins out: Sometimes we have a great deal of seasonal hairfall or just unexplained hair loss. This results in our hair thinning out. You have to obviously try to increase hair growth by trying different hair treatments. But meanwhile it helps to cut hair short so that it looks voluminous. Hair that is limp at the ends looks very unhealthy.

3. When hair grows out of shape: You might have got yourself a really cool hair style a month back, but all the hair will not grow back in the same proportion. Thus, the haircut goes out of shape. If you want to maintain the look of your hairstyle then you need to get a haircut regularly.

4. Haircut you already have: The type of haircut you have also determines when you need to go for a trimming. If you have a plain haircut then you may not need to cut your hair for a couple of months at a stretch. However, if you have a fancy haircut then your hair goes out of shape very easily. Fringes and bangs for example are very difficult to maintain. If you have short fringes then you need to cut to get it trimmed every month to maintain the look.

5. When you are balding: Premature balding is a very common phenomenon these days. So if you want to hide that widening bald spot on your head then you will have to keep your hair really short. A crew cut is going camouflage your bald spot for a while.

When you need to get a haircut basically depends on the speed with which your hair grows back. However, on a general note you need to trim your hair at least once in 45 days.

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