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5 Benefits Of Steaming Your Hair

You probably know that steam is beneficial for your skin but, it is also very good for your hair. Steaming your hair has a multitude of positive effects that can help you keep your hair healthy inspite of the damage done by the rampant pollution. There are several different ways of using steam on your hair. Using hair steamer is one of the most common ways. You can also steam your hair using a hot towel.

Here are some good results you can get if you steam your hair.

Why You Must Steam Your Hair?

Open Hair Pores: It is very healthy to steam your hair just before oiling it. This is because steam opens up all the clogged pores of your hair. If the pores of your scalp remain clogged then the oil will not enter the hair roots. As a result, your hair gets no nourishment. But, steam opens the pores so that you get all the benefits of oiling your hair. This may lead to a bit of hairfall but in the long run, it will strengthen the roots of your hair.

For Hairstyles: Styling wet hair is a messy affair. If you are styling your wet hair, then you will have to blow dry it simultaneously or else it will look limp. But if you use a hair steamer to style your hair, then all your problems are solved. A hair steamer wets the hair with steam just as much as required to set the hairstyle. It doesn't leave you with soggy hair but a beautifully sculpted hairstyle.

Cleans Your Scalp: Steaming is the best way to clean your scalp regularly. You may say that you clean your scalp anyway while washing your hair but that is not sufficient. Some dirt sticks stubbornly to your pores and over a period of time get glued to your scalp along with the grease in your hair. If you look at your scalp closely, you will be able to identify such dark spots. These can be eliminated only by regular steaming.

Promote Hair Growth: Steaming is one of the best home remedies for hair growth problems. Sometimes, the dirt and dust of the atmosphere are responsible for stunted hair growth. Your hair follicles need a little extra impetus to grow in such situations. Steaming your hair provides that stimulus to your hair follicles and your hair growth improves if you do it regularly.

These are some of reasons why you must steam your hair. Do you know any other benefits of steaming hair?

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