8 Steps To Make French Braid Hairstyle!

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Make French Braid
Braids are easy to do and comfortable too! Long hair is best manageable when you try braids and this hairstyle can be carried for a chic or sporty look. French braids are little tricky as the technique to do this hairstyle is different from the regular braids. In this hairstyle, you take hair from the front (generally from the crown of the head) till the end. So, how to make french braid properly? Here are step by step guide to make this hairstyle.

Make French braid step by step:

1. There are two types of French braids namely over-braid and the under-braid. You can either leave the braided hair like a rope or wrap it up like a bun on the back or in front.

2. Comb with a rat tail comb and divide the hair from the part where you want to start the braid. Basically you should part strands of hair from the crown of the head. Divide the strands of hair into three sections holding each section in fingers.

3. Take the right section over the middle one. Now the right section must be in the middle of other two sections. Take other sections in the criss-cross pattern to make plaits. Hold the hair tight to avoid making lose plaits.

4. After making 3-4 plaits (depending on the length of hair), comb the right side of the head and take hair from the side. Add them to the 3 divided sections with which you were making plaits.

5. Now comb the left side and then add to the plaits. Slowly take hair from behind the right ear and include in the braid. In short, the technique to do French braid step by step is by taking few strands of hair from the crown of the head and then slowly including other parts in the braid.

6. Take hair from behind the left ear and then add to the braid. Keep the hair tight while criss-crossing to avoid loosening the shape of plaits.

7. Include hair from the lower neck and continue making plaits till you are about to reach the end of the hair. For the proper and stylish French braid hairstyle, after making plaits step by step, leave at least 1 ' inches of hair in the end. This keeps the hair look thick and not like a thin tail from the end.

8. Use a hair safe ponytail band if you want a rope braid. If you want to make a french braid into a bun, make the plaits till the end and then tie with a ponytail band. Roll the braided ponytail and roll like a bun. Set the braid hairstyle with bun pins!

French braids are not that difficult as it appears. Follow this step by step guide to try this hairstyle. For a sporty look, bring the braided ponytail on front side. For a chic or party look, make a bun and flaunt the look!

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Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2012, 11:00 [IST]
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