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Steps To Make A Loose Bun Like Taylor Swift

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A loose bun is now a high fashion statement not just as a casual look but also a red carpet look. We are obviously referring to Taylor Swift's gorgeous hairstyles this award season. The way she has made use of her curls to make the messy look fashionable is just unbelievable. Loose hairstyles are were until now considered very casual but now they are classy to go with completely formal attires, even red carpet gowns.

If you want to replicate the famous loose bun that is a favourite among the stars these days, then there are just a few easy steps to follow.

Steps To Make A Loose Bun Hairstyle Like Taylor Swift:

1. If you have naturally curly hair like Taylor Swift then half your job is done. This loose hairstyle needs volume and volume comes from your curly locks.

2. If you do not have curly hair then you have to do a bit of hard work. Roll up your hair in curlers and clip it on. You could either blow dry your hair on low heat setting or just leave it like that for an hour with hair spray to get set.

3. When you remove the clips, be gentle. The pins may have stuck into your hair or your hair might have made a royal knot. Pulling it apart will flatten your curls so be patient.

4. Now throw back your curls and comb with your fingers to gently loosen the tight curls (result of being held up so long). You can use a sparse hair brush to bring some softness into your hair and give it the right fall.

5. Now pull your hair back in a comfortable ponytail. You have to adjust the place of the pony (be it high or low ) on your crown depending upon where you want your bun to be. If you want a low hanging bun then the pony should be low; for a top knot you need a high pony.

6. Now take a think locks of your curls and start pinning them up on crown. If you make many divisions in your hair, i.e. you take tiny tresses then the bun will look more voluminous. You you take thick bunches together the it will be more precise and neat.

7. You need to catch the need to catch the basic nerve of this hairstyle of Taylor Swift. It should look messy and loose but deliberately so. You need just the right percentage of messiness in your loose bun to get it right.

8. If you want to make it a little more of an airy look, then leave some tresses of hair coming out of your bun and falling on your forehead. You can make all the more dramatic by leaving loose hair only on one side.

Use these fashion tips for women to get a great red carpet look with a loose bun like Taylor Swift's.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2012, 10:38 [IST]
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