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Unique Indian Hairstyles Using Paranda

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You might have seen a paranda-wali in a desi Bollywood movie. Although, it is a hair accessory that is used mostly in rural India, yet it manages to capture the attention of the masses. It is most commonly tied at the end of a long braid. You might not be interested in specifically traditional Indian hairstyles, but they have much to offer if you are willing to explore.

You can use this traditional hair accessory to invent some really cool Indian hairstyles. Try these to begin with.

Unique Indian Hairstyles Using Paranda:

The Dangler On Your Bun: The parandi is usually used to conclude braid hairstyles. But whats stopping you from using it on your bun? There are mainly 2 ways to do this. Braid your hair with a paranda and then roll it up into a bun. The other option is to roll your hair into a bun and then tie the parandi around it like a dangling hair jewelery.

Indian Hairstyles Using Paranda
Streaked Hair: What does a paranda really represent? Don't they look like colourful hair streaks? If you do not want to colour your hair permanently, then this is a great alternative. You can tie it skillfully with the hair on your crown and it looks surprisingly real.

Tinted Half Pony: Half pony is a versatile hairstyle. Whether it is a party or a wedding you can always tie a half pony. To convert it into a cool Indian hairstyle, you can attach this accessory with the pony. You can also turn the pony into a plait and attach these coloured strings at the end.

Head Full Of Braids: If you want to go really wild with your hairstyle, try an African hairstyle with this Indian accessory. You must have come across the typical braid hairstyles sported by Blacks. It really compliments their super curly hair. Now you add the sweltering colours of India to this hairstyle. Get the entire or half of your hair braided. Weave a bunch of coloured strings to each.

French Plait With A Desi Touch: We all love the exotic French plait. How about making it a little colourful with Indian hairstyles? All you have to do is make a conventional French plait and tie these colourful strings to adorn it. The perfect example of mixed and matched fashion!

Parandas are a lovely way to add colour to your hairstyles. As Baisakhi is just round the corner you can try these cool ideas to get an innovative hairdo.

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Story first published: Saturday, April 14, 2012, 11:05 [IST]
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