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Sonam Kapoor's Greek Hairstyles

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Greek hairstyles have always been in fashion. The ancient civilisation of the Greeks might have ended ages before but they still continue to influence aspects of culture even today. The fashion industry is still going gaga over the Greek toga inspired gowns and the typically elaborate braid hairstyles to compliment their style.

Sonam Kapoor is one of the few Indian film stars who have the figure and height to carry of a Greek Goddess look to perfection. She has managed to sport some of the best Greek hairstyle in the recent award shows.

Sonam Kapoor's Greek Hairstyles

Sonam Kapoor's Greek Hairstyles:

The Band and The Beautiful Bun: This is the most typical of the Greek hairstyles. A hair band to adorn the crown and hair rolled into a braided bun. Sonam's long locks have been braided first and then layered into a neat and round bun. The stray curl has been craftily left loose to make the look all the more tantalising. This vintage hairstyle is a perfect compliment to the Greek style off shoulder dress that she is wearing.

The Greek Half Pony: The name might sound a bit weird but that is the only way to describe this unique hairstyle. This is the Greek equivalentof a normal half pony. Bunches of hair from the upper layer of the hair are rolled up and then pulled together into a half pony. A pretty wreath of fragrant flowers would have completed Sonam's look of an ancient Greek bride.

The Greek Country Girl: You must have already realised that Vintage hairstyles involve a lot of braids. This hairstyle too is a braided one. But unlike the previous two hairstyles that were sported by the royalty and nobility of the ancient Greek society, this is a simple country girl look. Sonam Kapoor's hair has been brushed to the right side of her crown and then braided very tightly.

The Simple Braided Roll: This was a part of Sonam's standard vintage look at Cannes 2011. She wowed the French audience with her innovative hairstyles. This is one of the commonest hairstyles that Greek women were known to sport. The hair has been parted in the middle and braided elaborately. The braid is then pulled back into a simple bun. Two bouncy spike curves of hair protrude from the two sides of her crown.

Which is your favourite among all these Greek hairstyles that Sonam Kapoor has tried?

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