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Celebrity Hairstyles That Men Should Copy

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Celebrity hairstyles are the best way to judge the direction in which the winds of fashion are blowing. You are in even better luck because it is the award season and all the celebrities will be on their toes pulling of their best red carpet look of the year. If you want to know what is in trend and what is stale, just check out the gallery of the best haircuts for men sported by your favourite stars on the red carpet. The next step is to make a celebrity style buddy and ape him to bring out your best.

Here are some the best celebrity hairstyles sported this season and the ones you can definitely choose from.

Celebrity Hairstyles For Men To Copy:

1. Bradley Cooper: No, your favourite drop dead gorgeous Cooper boy has not got a haircut. Thank god because this haircut is so famous that people would die to see him do anything to his golden waves. The hairstyle that Bradley Cooper has carried for sometime now is one the most basic and best haircuts for men. Snip, snip, snip and get short layers all over your crown. The waves need a little help from the natural texture of your hair or else they will fall flat. You need to trim it often, every once in a month for the look to sustain.

2. Taylor Lautner: The werewolf from the 'Twilight' series does not really have a very wolf like hairstyle. In fact he is rather cool, contemporary and boyish. Considering he is heavily built like rock his spikes come naturally. If he is your celebrity style buddy then all you have to do is crop the sides of your hair really short and have layers on the top the crown. You'll need painfully straight hair for this one to stand. Keep it simple and safe from haircuts for 8 weeks

3. Tom Cruise: He was, is and will be one of those celebrity who can look good absolutely any hairstyle. But the celebrity hairstyle that is most becoming on him is the boyish side parted layers. The rest of the hair is plain boy cut and the side parted hair falls on the forehead like a short jagged fringe. Trim needed every 6 weeks or else your hair will be all over your eyes.

4. George Clooney: His is the best haircut for men with salt pepper hair. The contrast adds depth to this look. It actually pretty simple and low maintenance to make Clooney your style buddy. Crop up the sides shorter than the slight wave of hair on crown. Touch it up by leaving long side burns and finish with a sort of twisted back brush to get it right. A slight trim from 7-9 weeks would be good.

If you want fashion tips for men then try out these famous celebrity hairstyles and you too can be at your best with a red carpet look for the season.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 10:16 [IST]
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