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Ways To Deal With A Bad Hair Day

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Bad Hair Day
Once in a while your hair act like an obedient child, willing to accept all your rules. But on most of the days your hair has a mind of its own and refuses to do what you wish for. When you cannot straighten that unruly tuft of hair after repeated attempts, you know for sure that its a 'bad hair day'. The worst part is that you cannot do much about it.

All you can do is use some quick hairstyles to cover it. There is no magic trick to control it but, the below tips will help you to deal with bad hair days.

Ways To Deal With Bad Hair Days:

1. One of the common reason for having a bad hair day is greasy hair. It has probably been a day or 2 since you last had a hair wash. If your hair is greasy then the best way to tackle it is to take a quick shower. You don't have to use a shampoo if you are in a hurry. You can just wash your hair with water to take off the oily feeling.

2. The exact opposite of the previous point is also true. Sometimes your hair becomes extremely unmanageable after a wash. This is probably because you do not oil your hair before washing it. Here, your only option is to use some hair gel to fix your hair. But, do not make it a habit to use hair gel regularly.

3. Sometimes there is no particular reason for your hair becoming unruly. So, you have to resort to some quick fix hairstyles to cover up the mess. A bun is the easiest way to cover up your hair disaster. Whether it is greasy hair or a rebellious bunch of hair that refuses to flatten out, you can easily pull it into a bun.

4. Sometimes, hairpins helps. You can pin up the problematic hair strands where ever possible and leave the rest open. This will give a sassy out of bed look that is fashionably acceptable.

5. Hair bands can be another option. If you have just washed your hair and it is totally unmanageable, then a hair band is your saviour.

6. Never try braids or ponytails when you are having a bad hair day. They are quick hairstyles that are sure to go wrong on a bad day. You will end up with an uneven braid and a topsy turvy ponytail.

These tips will certainly help you get over through those 'bad' hair days. Got anymore ideas on the same?

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Story first published: Thursday, May 3, 2012, 11:41 [IST]
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