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Things To Keep In Mind When Doing Your Eyebrows At Home

With parlours not opening anytime soon, we need to get serious about the eyebrow situation. I mean we can get away with not waxing our arms and legs for a few months(it's not like we are going to get dressed to go out!), but those bushy brows need some help. And like many before have fallen to the charm of cutting hair at home, doing the brows also at home is a lucrative gamble. We say gamble because it can take a turn for the worst real soon.

Unlike cutting your hair, doing your brows at home requires insane level of precision. Not to forget, there are two of those, so we would need a matchy-matchy situation. Heads up! You need some expert tips. And so, we are here.

If you are planning to do your brows at home, it is important for you to know these tips.


Start With A Sharp Pair Of Tweezers

If you have already kept up with your eyebrow appointments, all you need to deal with is the extra hair growth that makes your brows look bushy. Luckily, you do not need to resort to extreme measures to do that. A pair of tweezers is enough to groom your brows to perfection. Make sure that the tweezers you use are sharp. A blunt pair of tweezers can pull on the sensitive skin around your eyes.


For Precision, Brush Your Brows

Before starting doing your brows, thoroughly brush through your brows using an eyebrow brush. This makes your brows soft, defines the brows and gives you precision. After brushing the brows, you can clearly make out the extras and begin taking them out.

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Threading Is The Safest Bet

Threading is the most popular way of grooming the brows and for good reason. It takes out the extra hair without worrying much about damaging your brows. With threading, it is also easy to get both the brows a similar shape. While not many of us would know the technique of threading, the extra time off lockdown has imparted us can be made the best use of by watching some threading tutorials. There are tons of video on the Internet teaching the skill of threading.


Keep Away From Waxing The Brows

Waxing the brows is becoming increasingly popular among women and parlours alike to do the brows. It is a quick and relatively painless technique to grooms the brows. But, at the same time, it is tricky and best done by a trained professional. If you try it at home, there are chances of you ruining your brows. We suggest sticking to tweezing or threading.

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Clip Extras At The End

More often than not, even after doing your brows, they do not look as well-groomed as you would expect them to. Somehow, they still seem bushy. Blame the extras at the top of your brows. Remember the parlour lady would brush and clip your extra brow hair at the ends? Yes, that is to give more definition to your brows. After you are done, brush upwards at the start of the brows and clip the extra hair that stand out. You do not need to cut much, just a small clip.


Do Not Make Your Eyebrows Too Thin

Thin eyebrows were a huge trend back in the 80s. And many women who went with the trend regret it still for it destroyed their brows. Make sure you don't make the same mistake. Just remove the minimal hair required to make your brows presentable.

Often, we make our brows too thin while trying to get both the brows similar. Don't do it. Even if you have messed one brow, let it be. It will grow in a couple of weeks and then you can fix it.


Finish It Off With Aloe Vera Gel

The skin around the brows is sensitive. Doing the brows irritates it and that leads to redness of the skin. To soothe your skin, keep aloe vera gel in handy. It has a cooling and anti-inflammatory effect that can calm the redness and soothe the skin.

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Story first published: Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 14:22 [IST]