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Hot Stone Manicure: What Is It & How To Do It

They say it is always essential to take good care of your nails and hands and keep them clean. But it is not just cleaning your nails that is sufficient. There is always something more to it - something that will not just ensure that your nails are clean but will also keep them healthy and good-looking.

A good and impressive manicure is what you nails require from time to time. And, manicure does not just mean cleaning nails and applying a coat of nail paint. It is a lengthy process that requires time and patience to clean your nails, give them a shape, file them, brush them, and give them a colourful look. Also, manicure is a process which involves not just nails, but also hands as a whole. The process involves massaging your hands with a hand cream, cleaning them, thereby increasing blood circulation.

You must be quite familiar with manicure and must have heard of some common types of manicure as well, but have you ever come across something like called the hot stone manicure?

What Is Hot Stone Manicure?

Hot stone manicure, as the name suggests, is a therapeutic manicure which involves hot stones, nourishing oils, exfoliation, and therapeutic massage along with applying nail paint. Hot stone manicure is basically a type of treatment which involves a deeply relaxing hot rock hand and arm massage. It helps to relieve strain and relax your muscles.

During the therapy, the beautician will place smooth, flat stones - basalt stones -- on your hands and fingers and massage it with them. The heat generated from these stones stimulate the pressure points in your body areas where it is massaged.

This therapy is time-consuming and takes at least 50 minutes to 1 hour for completion - but it is totally worth it!

Benefits Of Hot Stone Manicure

Although hot stone manicure offers a number of benefits, some of the most important ones are listed below:

  • It relaxes your muscles, soothes your nerves, and eases pain.
  • It increases your energy levels.
  • It boosts blood circulation.
  • It gives your nails and hands a polished look.
  • It helps to strengthen your nails and provides you relief from brittle nails and damaged cuticles.
  • It also helps to prevent nail fungus.

How To Do Hot Stone Manicure In 5 Easy Steps?

It is not at all a difficult task to perform hot stone manicure. However, since this therapy requires rubbing hot stones over your hands, you will need someone's assistance. Mentioned below are five easy steps to do hot stone manicure:

Step 1: Get all materials handy

One of the primary and the most essential part of any therapy - get all your required materials handy.

Materials required

  • Boiling water
  • Hand massaging cream
  • Essential oils
  • Stones

Step 2: Boil the stones and get them ready for manicure

Begin the process by boiling the stones with the temperature of the water set at 120 degrees Celsius. Also, ensure that when you remove the stones from water and use them for the therapy, their temperature should be around 56 degrees Celsius.

Step 3: Get your hands ready for the manicure

In this next step, you need to take a container filled with warm water and add essential oils to it. Next, immerse your hands in the water. This process will help your muscles to relax. Meanwhile, the stones keep boiling in the other container at the mentioned temperature.

Step 4: Remove the stones from boiling water

Now that the stones are heated up, carefully remove them from the container. This is when you will need someone's assistance for rubbing the stones on your fingers, palms, as well as arms. One important thing to remember here is that this process should be done very slowly with proper pressure being applied to your arms and hands while rubbing the stones. Keep doing the activity for at least 15 minutes, thus relaxing your tired muscles.

Step 5: Follow-up with a regular manicure

Lastly, wash your hands with warm water and massage it lightly using a hydrating moisturiser. Now, take a nail cutter and cut your nails. Next, using a nail filer to give them a desired shape - round, oval, or square. Once done, apply a base coat on your nails and later apply a nail paint of your choice. If you do not wish to apply a nail paint, you can simply apply the base coat and leave it at that!

Note: You can take help from a professional to get a hot stone manicure done. However, you can even do it at home, but remember to follow all the steps carefully and take help from someone.

Story first published: Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 16:39 [IST]
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