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Five Reasons Why You Need Organic Beauty Products

By Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

Organic is better, but do we know why? Our skins are like giant sponges, the largest organs in our bodies, readily absorbing everything they're exposed to. This means that literally everything, from dirt to pollution to toxic chemicals, eventually makes its way into your skin and then to your bloodstream and later your kidneys and liver.

Your poor kidneys fight a constant battle against these toxins, which include everything from household cleaning agents to gasoline fumes and toxins present in your cosmetics.

Very little or no regulation exists for the cosmetics we use, and there are several loopholes in the law, which companies use all the time. To put it in simple terms, there is no way to regulate just what you're putting on your face. The best brands sell consumers all kinds of toxic chemical hoaxes in the name of beauty products.

Organic beauty products have a definite advantage over non-organic ones, depending upon what you mean by organic. The genuinely 'organic' beauty product is organic in every aspect of its production- from the time the plants are cultivated to when they're harvested and all through the production process as well.

Organic would imply not using GMO seeds, using only natural fertilizers and ensuring the product is free from harmful parabens and chemicals. Few beauty products are truly organic, most are just natural, which isn't bad either. Five great reasons to go organic with your choice of beauty products are:


They’re Gentler On Your Skin:

Organic beauty products don't contain harmful chemicals and irritants that hurt your skin. Often, the harsh chemicals in regular beauty products cause secondary skin conditions and allergies, which are only reactions to the products you've been using. Attempting to tackle the problem with more chemical products is like fighting fire with gasoline!

Organic beauty products aren't just gentler, they have been proven to effectively work at enhancing skin texture and also solving skin problems, perhaps better than chemical products.


They’re Better For Your Overall Health:

Because, believe it or not, what ends up on your skin invariably ends up in your body too. It's important not to tax your kidneys too much by bombarding them with substances they're simply not prepared to handle. These include nearly all the chemical substances present in regular cosmetics, which you can apply without a second thought. Organic is healthier because you're skipping the harmful ingredients and giving your kidneys and therefore yourself, a chance.


They’re Good For The Planet:

The majority of chemicals used in cosmetics are environmentally unfriendly and damage the ozone layer, or pollute the oceans or the soil. If not that, they literally murder millions of innocent animals. Organic beauty products have no side effects, are completely bio-degradable and can, in fact, make great compost. They're also good for your conscience because who wants to know that their good looks have come at the expense of so many innocent lives, right?


They Can Even Be Made At Home:

Perhaps the best thing about organic beauty products is that even while you may opt to buy an expensive one off the shelf, you can also choose to make your own. Organic isn't just effective, it's also completely accessible to everyone. As more people go organic, they appreciate the benefits of putting raw onion juice on their hair, oiling their hair with coconut oil once a week, or exfoliating with gram flour instead of using commercially available chemical products.


Organic Beauty Products Are Cost-effective:

If you're an enthusiastic gardener, with your own garden of organic plants, going organic can be the most cost-effective exercise for you. Even if you have just one organic tomato vine growing in the balcony, it might provide you with enough organic tomatoes for a daily tomato face mask that's almost as good as a chemical peel at a fraction of the cost. Going organic can really be a cost-effective option if you're keen on taking this up for life.

Going organic is a positive lifestyle change, which includes not just the beauty products you use but almost every aspect of your lifestyle. It's a wonderfully positive change, and hence you must try it out for sure!

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