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Try These Beauty Tips From Italy That Can Make You Look Amazing!

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Thick long hair, luscious lips, a flawless skin, fit physique - this is what we first notice in many Italian women.

If you have been on a holiday to Rome, then you will know that the women who live there are as mesmerising as the beautiful city itself.

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We may know that different countries around the world have different notions about beauty and they follow certain beauty tips accordingly.

Just like cooking recipes, beauty tips also are unique to certain countries and cultures and, many a times, they would have been followed since years ago!

Certain skin and hair care remedies would have been invented during the ancient times and then passed on to the generations to come.

Italian women too have certain traditional beauty tips that they have been following to keep themselves looking great!

Most of these beauty tips are not talked about too much, so the rest of the world fails to hear about them.

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However, lately, thanks to the internet and globalisation, many beauty hacks from around the globe are coming into the open.

So, if you want to know how to look impeccable like the Italian women, naturally, then follow these tips that are shared by them, their best-kept secrets ever!


Tip #1

Most Italian women, including the famous celebrities, believe in the power of olive oil to make their skin healthy and glowing. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants and can nourish your skin cells, making your complexion appear radiant and younger looking.


Tip #2

Italian women use natural oils like olive oil, argan oil, etc, as hair conditioners, instead of chemical-infused ones. This helps keep their tresses soft, shiny and also healthy.


Tip #3

It is said that the Italian diet consists mainly of fresh fruits, fishes and vegetables, which are rich in nutrients that can help improve the health and texture of your skin and hair. Italian women say that a healthy diet can make you look much better.


Tip #4

Italian women believe that the strong antibacterial properties found in garlic can help in reducing acne breakouts. Just rubbing a piece of freshly cut garlic can get rid of acne, is what Italians opine.


Tip #5

It is believed that most Italian women use strawberry as a skin scrub. Exfoliating the skin by rubbing strawberry pieces on the desired area can remove the dead cell layer and make your skin look brighter and much softer.


Tip #6

Italian ladies suggest that if you have a sensitive skin that needs nourishment, then you can go in for a curd skin mask. Applying plain curd on your skin for a few minutes every day and washing it off, can make your sensitive skin glowing and healthy.


Tip #7

If you have open skin pores and an oily skin tone, then listen to the Italian women and use lime juice to tone your skin. Lime juice has the ability to reduce the size of your skin pores and the best part is, it also keeps oiliness and acne at bay.

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