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Tips To Remove Dead Skin From Feet In Winter

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Dead or dry skin is a major skin problem witnessed by every other person. The skin looses its moisture during the winter season, therefore one needs to pamper the skin with enough moisturiser or better still, effective home remedies.

Beauty experts state that by using these natural ingredients on the feet during the winter season, you can prevent cracked feet and the skin from peeling off. In the winter season, the skin also changes colour and looks pale.

Using natural aloe vera directly on the skin will improve the quality and texture of the skin. It is also suggested that while applying these home remedies on dry feet, one must massage the ingredients deep into the skin, so that it also increases the blood circulation in the affected area, making the skin live and healthy.

To remove the dead skin from the feet, it is best to begin by washing the feet with an antiseptic soap or a mild shampoo. Refrain from peeling off the dry skin, as a little injury can lead to skin infections. After washing your dry feet with soap, pat them dry with a soft cotton cloth and then proceed by using these natural home remedies that effectively remove the dead skin cells from your feet.

Make sure that you also do a small patch test on your dry feet before using the ingredient on the skin, as, sometimes, it may not agree with a particular skin type, especially if it is sensitive in nature.


Aloe Vera:

Cut a fresh piece of aloe vera gel and dab it gently over the affected area. As you apply the gel on the skin, massage the area with the leaf. Allow the gel to dry on the skin and wear on a pair of socks. Wash it overnight.



This golden home remedy is the perfect ingredient to use on any type of skin. Honey is antibacterial in nature, which will prevent further infection. Massage honey over your dry feet and after 15 minutes soak your feet in warm water. When done, wrap your feet in socks.



This ingredient helps your feet from cracking more. Take equal amounts of glycerin and lemon juice in a cup and mix them well to make a solution. Now, let your dry feet soak in this solution for 20 minutes, before rinsing it with clean warm water. You can try this remedy before going to bed.


Epsom Salt:

This salt has a rich content of magnesium that promotes better skin. Soak your feet in a solution of epsom salt water twice in a week. The salt will soothe your skin, and thus help you get rid of dead skin.


Coconut Oil:

Before going to bed, apply a little coconut oil on the palms of your hands and by using both your hands massage your dry feet for 15 minutes. Allow the oil to penetrate into the skin. When done, wear a pair of socks and wash your feet the next morning.


Olive Oil:

Heat three tablespoons of olive oil. When lukewarm, massage this oil on the dry feet. After 10 minutes, apply a coat of vaseline on the affected area. Wear a pair of warm socks and rinse your feet the next morning.


Winter Pedicures:

One must follow this simple remedy to get rid of dry feet during the winter season. In a month, you should follow a schedule of doing at least two herbal pedicures. It will certainly help promote better skin and reduce other skin problems winter brings along.

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Story first published: Monday, January 11, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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