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10 Best Ayurvedic Herbs To Remove Wrinkles

By: Debdatta Mazumder

Wrinkle is one of the most common phenomena of ageing. With growing age, your skin starts to lose elasticity and becomes saggy. However, there are many people who suffer from untimely wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet.

Harmful sunrays, dry skin, chemicals, etc, can be the reasons for wrinkles to appear early. To get rid of this skin trouble, primarily you need to keep your skin moisturised.

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The advertisements often attract you to buy the products. But, the chemicals in those products can make the situation even more worse.

Try to use the best ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles instead, as those are almost free from any side effects. You won’t need to find them a lot because many ingredients are available right in your kitchen. Also, you don’t need to pay a lot for these products.

Besides using ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles, you should also follow some more essential tips. You should concentrate on your diet.

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Have more of vegetables and fruit and don’t forget to drink water as much as you can to keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

So, what are the best ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles? Here you’ll get ideas about some of them. To lift your skin and get rid of sagged and dimpled effects, hopefully these remedies will serve you the best.


1. Mullein:

While talking about the ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles, this will take an important part in the discussion. With its high content of tannin, elastin, minerals and several vitamins, Mullein not only treats wrinkles but also removes spots and scars from your face.


2. Fenugreek:

Use the leaves or seeds in the form of an oil or paste. Fenugreek is a natural medicine that can be used to remove wrinkles. This herb is full of vitamins and minerals, which make your skin healthy from the inside and work wonderfully well on fine lines and wrinkles.


3. Witch Hazel:

Due to the presence of antioxidants, witch hazel is known as a natural astringent. The astringent properties of this herb tone your skin and remove the sagging effect by reducing wrinkles. It also reduces any kind of a skin inflammation.


4. Aloe Vera:

To treat any kind of a skin problem, this is accurate. Your search for ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles can come to an end with the use of this. The malic acid in Aloe Vera increases elasticity of your skin and helps remove wrinkles.


5. Grape Seed Extract:

Due to age, collagen production decreases and your skin gets wrinkles. Grape seed extract is a wonderful herbal remedy that boosts up the collage production and keeps your skin tightened and toned. You can use it in any pack or have supplements to get better results.


6. Ginger:

Are you looking for the best ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles? Then, ginger can do magic. It has antioxidants and anti-wrinkle properties that prevent the reduction of elastin and in turn keep your skin well toned.


7. Green Tea:

To get soft, smooth and plump skin, you should use green tea in your face pack or take two cups of it every day. The rich content of antioxidants in green tea stops the impact of ageing and keeps you looking youthful for a long period of time.


8. Carrots:

It can be one of the best ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles. Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, which enhances the production of collagen that is responsible in keeping your skin wrinkle free.


9. Coconut Oil:

While you're concerned about ayurvedic treatments, coconut oil may be the oldest remedy to remove wrinkles. It helps in cell growth and repair and, thus, prevents fine lines and crow's feet.


10. Avocado:

To culminate the list of the best ayurvedic herbs to remove wrinkles, avocado can be the finest to be used. Wrinkles are the reasons of dry skin. The green pulp of avocado, if applied directly, can solve your problem of wrinkles and give you a softer fairer skin.

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