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Skin Benefits Of Spa Body Treatment

By: Ajanta Sen

We all want an escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily life once in a while. Sometimes, we have only a couple of hours for ourselves, still we want to take a break from our daily routine.

If yours is such a case, then you must hit a body spa in order to rejuvenate yourself.

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A body spa offers you some effective treatments that'll help you to relax, detox, energise and beautify yourself.

The professional therapists of the body spas can really work on easing the body tension, which can in turn bestow you with numerous skin and health benefits.

There have been many talks about the healing effects of touch therapy since ages. A body spa and touch therapy are therefore inherently connected with each other.

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Whether it is a body wrap or a body scrub followed with a massage, all these spa treatments soothe your body and make you feel energised and refreshed after a stressed out routine.

Therefore, this article highlights the various skin benefits of a spa body treatment. Read on to know more.


1. Anti-ageing Therapy

One of the numerous skin benefits of a spa body treatment is that it retards your skin's ageing process.

As you age, your skin starts getting drier and thicker. Your skin loses elastin and collagen, which help to keep your skin tight, plump and firm.

As you grow older, your skin becomes dull and loses its natural shine and a good spa treatment always targets to make you look young by incorporating the best collagen masks, antioxidant serums and chemical peels.


2. You Can Access The Elite Products

Spa body treatments offer a myriad of elite skin products that you won't find anywhere else. Although these products are quite expensive, you can be rest assured that their effect will be long lasting on your skin.


3. Skin Exfoliation

One of the most useful skin benefits of a spa body treatment is "Skin Exfoliation". The body polishes used in the spa treatments exfoliate your skin very tenderly, which in turn encourages the cellular renovation, refining the skin pores and soothing your skin uniformly.


4. Stress Reliever

One of the numerous benefits of a massage is that it relieves your stress. A massage session during a spa body treatment gives you a break from your monotonous job, friends, family and helps you alleviate your daily stress.


5. Helps Stimulate Your Lymphatic System

A massage session helps stimulate your lymphatic system, which removes all the waste matter from your body and detoxifies it effectively.


6. Rejuvenation

Spa body treatments also offer body wraps that are quite beneficial to refill your body with the necessary elements and nutrients that are otherwise lost by your body each day. This helps in increasing your skin's moisture, which in turn helps to rejuvenate you.


7. Increases Blood Circulation

One of the many skin benefits of a spa body treatment is that it boosts your blood circulation, which helps your skin look younger and more radiant.

The therapeutic muds used in the spa treatments exfoliate your dead skin cells, which in turn remove all the toxins from your skin and boost the blood circulation.


8. Increases Energy

The body scrubs used in a spa body treatment can help you get rid of your dead skin cells. Moreover, scrubbing also improves your blood circulation and makes you feel energetic.


9. Keeps Your Body In Shape

Some spas also offer body contouring and by using it, you can chuck out your extra calories and get a beautiful and nice toned figure.


10. Pain Management

One of the most useful benefits of a massage during a spa body treatment is that it can relieve your pain. Massage can increase the blood flow to your stiff muscles and joints and release natural painkillers in your brain called Opioids.

A massage during a spa treatment can even help to soothe chronic pain such as sciatica, arthritis, muscle spasms, etc.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 6, 2016, 11:00 [IST]
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