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7 Secret Egyptian Beauty Tips That You Must Follow!

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Surely, most of us have heard of Cleopatra - the world-famous Egyptian beauty who was desired by numerous kings and noblemen of her time, for her exceptional natural beauty.

Did you know that Cleopatra used to bathe herself in fresh milk, in order to attain amazing skin?

Following in her footsteps, the women of Egypt have been practicing certain very effective natural beauty remedies, which indeed help them attain a great look!

The women of Egypt have always been well known for their sharp features, exceptional eye-make-up skills and, not to forget, their flawless complexions.

It is believed that during the ancient times, Egyptian women invented certain natural beauty remedies and wrote them down for the next generations to follow.

However, these tips are mostly known just to the women living in Egypt and has failed to reach the rest of the world.

Some of these ancient beauty tips are very simple, yet effective, and any one who is interested in improving their looks can greatly benefit from them.

So, we have made a list of the Egyptian beauty tips here for you to follow, have a look!


Secret Beauty Tip #1

Egyptian women use aloe vera in most of their skin and hair care products. The nutrients and antioxidants in aloe vera are known to make the hair and skin exceptionally healthy and radiant.


Secret Beauty Tip #2

Egyptian women use a mixture of honey and milk as a body mask, before taking a shower. They apply the mixture on their body and leave it on for a few minutes, as this mixture can exfoliate and moisturise their skin well.


Secret Beauty Tip #3

Instead of chemical-infused hair serums and styling gels, Egyptian women use coconut milk or shea butter to style their hair or use them as a leave-in hair conditioner.


Secret Beauty Tip #4

Egyptian women believe that rubbing a mixture of sea salt and water on your body will help in removing the dead cell layer and make your skin appear youthful and radiant.


Secret Beauty Tip #5

In Egypt, women believe that applying a paste made from fenugreek seeds or drinking fenugreek tea can infuse their skin with antioxidants, making their skin healthy and radiant.


Secret Beauty Tip #6

To look younger and to prevent the early signs of skin ageing like wrinkles and fine lines, Egyptian women use almond oil to massage their faces. The nutrients present in almond oil are known to improve skin elasticity, thereby preventing the signs of early ageing.


Secret Beauty Tip #7

Egyptian women use natural ingredients even for their make-up, most of the time. For example, henna to colour their nails and streak their hair, beetroot and saffron to colour their lips and eyelids, eyeliner made from burnt almond and so on.

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