Ideal Lip Colours That Suit The Eyes

By: Archana Mukherji
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Makeup, no doubt, is every woman’s favourite. Every girl wants to look beautiful, irrespective of whatever features she might have. And the truth is that every girl in this world is gifted with some great features.

Some have beautiful eyes, some have a sharp nose, while others are gifted with cute lips. Nobody is ugly. Proper makeup can make you look more beautiful.

The most important features on your face that require proper makeup are your eyes and lips. Well, many girls have a question in mind whether they need to use eye makeup or lip makeup for them to look beautiful.

Girls with beautiful and big eyes assume that an eye makeup is sufficient to make their eyes pop up. However, do you know that you can use appropriate lipstick colours to make your eyes pop?

best lip stick for your face

Not all lipstick colours suit everyone. It is very essential to select a lipstick that suits your skin tone, eyes and your eye makeup, rather than selecting a one that matches your attire.

A bold lip shade is what every girl desires because it is easy to apply and defines your lips with a proper shape.

In the interest of having bold lips and also making your eyes pop up, you need to make sure that you do not apply too much of a pigment on both the areas.

This will for sure, give you a scary and awkward look. Lipstick colour combination to suit your eyes can help you to look pleasant and glowing.

The intent of this article is to help you learn the usage of lipstick colours to make your eyes pop.

best lip stick for your face

Red And Gold:
Red lipstick, almost every woman’s favourite shade, no doubt is a show stealer. This is obviously one of the lipstick colours to make your eyes pop naturally.

However, this does not mean that your eyelids should be bare. A subtle gold shimmer on your eyelids will just be a perfect combination.

best lip stick for your face

Pink And Light Blue:
Another evergreen lipstick colour combination is pink with a light blue eye shadow. A frosty and glossy pink lipstick with a metallic light blue eye shadow can create wonders on your face.

Dark Violet And Taupe:
The dark violet shade of lipstick automatically brings a 100% focus on your lips and the light taupe on your eyelids can pull in all the more attention.

best lip stick for your face

Nude And Violet:
A nude lip goes with almost all kinds of attire. However, a dark violet shade on the eyelids is a great duo and an all-time favourite for many.

best lip stick for your face

Pink And White:
White makeup on the eyes goes with almost all the lipstick colours. But one of the lipstick colours to make your eyes pop with white eyeshadow is the matte pink shade.

Remember, eyeshadow is not the only eye makeup that you can use. Eyeliners also matter a lot. If you have a flawless skin, you can balance your bold lipstick shade with bare eyes too.

Since this does not go well with everybody, a thin black eyeliner on the upper lids can match your bold lipstick. Yet another way to pop up your eyes with a bold lipstick is to draw a well-defined line on the upper eyelid with a dark black eyeliner, giving yourself a cat-eye look and an effect.

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