Facial Massage With Spoon To Get Younger Skin In 10 Days

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Massage for your skin is very important to keep it looking younger and glowing. Massage regains the elasticity of your skin, which may be lost with a progressing age. Massaging with a spoon is more beneficial, as it puts a slight pressure on your skin and increases the blood circulation.

Spoon massage removes wrinkles, defines your facial contours and also reduces puffiness of your eyes. A spoon massage done for 10 days can rejuvenate your skin and make your skin younger looking.

The oils used in a spoon massage get easily absorbed on to the skin, and thus nourish your skin from inside. While using a spoon on your face, move it from downwards to upwards on your cheeks. Make full use of a spoon on your face, such as back and forth below your eyes and chin. Also, move the spoon from your neck up to your face.

Read on the article to know more about a spoon facial massage.

face massage with spoon

What You Need For A Spoon Massage
You need a spoon, a glass of water and some ice cubes and warm coconut oil or olive oil in a small bowl.

How To Do The Facial Massage Using A Spoon
First of all, cleanse your face with a facewash and pat dry. After that, put the spoon in the warm oil. Use the back side of the spoon to massage your face.

face massage with spoon

Massage Techniques
By applying a slight pressure, move the spoon on your face along the massage lines.

Move the spoon from chin to upwards on your cheeks.

From nose to forehead and again in the same motion.

In a round circular motion on the chin.

Below your eyelids, back and forth.

On your eyebrows and forehead.

From neck to chin.

Again back to your face and cheeks.

face massage with spoon

Do the massage for 10 minutes; however, increase the duration slowly on a daily basis. Remember to dip the spoon again in the oil after every massage.

How To Remove Puffy Eyes With A Spoon
Dip a clean spoon in a glass of ice cold water for 1 minute. Place the cold spoon above and below your eyes with a slight pressure for 5 minutes. When the spoon gets warm, again immerse it in the ice water and you can repeat this process till you get some relief.

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