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Add These 2 Ingredients To Your Body Lotion And Say Goodbye To Stretch Marks!

By Kumutha

Are there tell-tale silver trails stretching across your body with no signs to stop? These whitish trails are called stretch marks; and if you don't put a halt to it right in its track, it will spread its wise-like tentacles much further, to all nook and canny of your body. Which is why you need these 2 ingredients.

You heard us right, no messy body mask, no hours spent in spa, no money spent on fancy products, only two ingredients added to your good ol' body lotion.

Fact check - Stretch marks occur when the connective tissues of the skin are stretched beyond their flexibility, causing the collagen to weaken, leading to stretch marks.

It happens due to excessive loss or gain in body mass index, pregnancy, heredity factor, puberty and stress. And no matter what glossy magazine covers or product manufacturers may say, stretch marks cannot be fully removed.

Overtime, the shade lightens and smoothens to match your body tone, but never fully gone. There is no magic so potent to wipe it out!

Same applies to the these herbal ingredients for stretch marks too, as they will only lighten and prevent it from regrouping again, but not fully remove it.

So, let's take a look at the ingredients we are talking about - flaxseed oil and rosehip oil.

Flax Seed oil

Flax seed oil is a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid, a form of omega-3 fatty acid, which bolsters the collagen level of the skin, and in turn improves the elasticity, reducing stretch marks.

Rosehip oil

It packs a powerful punch of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which repair damaged cells and promote regeneration of new skin tissues. Rosehip oil is a natural source of vitamin C that tones, brightens and tightens skin. It is also a natural source of an antioxidant called lycopene that improves skin texture.

Steps to include these natural ingredients in your body lotion to reduce stretch marks are as follows:

Step 1:

Take a well-cleaned plastic bowl, fill it half way with your favourite body lotion add a tablespoon of flax seed oil to it and whip it with a fork.

Step 2:

If the lotion has turned too watery and started to curdle, add more body lotion and keep whipping, until they blend well thoroughly.

Step 3:

Add 10 drops of rosehip oil and for that much-needed nourishment, you can also add a couple of vitamin E capsule gels. It will keep the craggy dry skin at bay and brighten skin.

Step 4:

Add the lotion in a blender and give it a good whip. It should come out looking light, fluffy and smooth in texture. Then, apply it sparingly and massage it well into the skin, so that it penetrates deep.

Note - Before applying this mask, do a patch test first to eliminate any possibility of side effects.

Story first published: Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 16:12 [IST]
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