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11 Surprising Reasons To Use Coconut Oil For Skin And Hair Care

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Over the years, the million-dollar cosmetic industry has introduced a plethora of hair and skin care products.

Majority of these products are infused with harsh chemicals that tend to cause a damage to our skin and hair.

More and more people are making the switch from commercial to natural ingredients for all the good reasons.

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Natural ingredients are cost-effective, they are potent and contain essential nutrients and minerals that enable them to tackle a multitude of skin and hair-related problems.

And one such natural ingredient which is considered the best cure-all by experts is the coconut oil.

Coconut oil is an excellent natural ingredient used for a myriad of health and beauty benefits. Apart from curing ailments, it is also known to prevent infections.

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In most of the houses, it is used for culinary purposes because most of us aren't aware of some of the amazing reasons why it should be included in the beauty regime.

Excluding the obvious reasons, in this article, we've compiled a list of surprising reasons to use coconut oil for skin and hair care that not many people would know of.

Take a look at these.


1. Effective Makeup Remover:

Instead of opting for commercial makeup removers infused with chemicals, give a try to coconut oil. Just a few drops of this oil can remove makeup from your face, like it wasn't even there in the first place.


2. Lip Balm:

For centuries, this oil has been used to fix chapped lips. Just a dab of coconut oil on your lips can moisturise and soften them to a great extent.


3. Nail Softener:

Coconut oil is considered to be an ideal cuticle softener. Excessive usage of nail paints weakens our cuticles. Applying a few drops over your cuticle will effectively soften them.


4. Under-eye Cream:

Another benefit of coconut oil not known to many is that it can help you get rid of the dark circles, puffiness and baggage that have been hampering your entire look.


5. Fights Frizz:

Another amazing quality of coconut oil is its ability to tame frizzy hair. Applying this oil will smoothen your fly-aways, moisturise your cuticles and provide an attractive shine to your tresses.


6. Shaving Cream:

Next time instead of using shaving creams, give a try to coconut oil. It can turn your shaving experience into a wonderful one. Applying this oil before shaving will make your razor glide and also moisturise your skin in the process.


7. Kills Lice:

Lice are more common than you may know. Majority of the people spend money on buying shampoos that claim to kill lice, while completely ignoring the natural ingredient that can amazingly kill lice and also prevent them from growing again.


8. Leave-in Conditioner:

Coconut oil offers an au-naturel conditioning to your tresses, like nothing else can. Just apply a few drops of it into wet hair to condition your tresses in the best way possible.


9. Anti-Ageing Wonder:

The unique properties of coconut oil enable it to effectively fight the signs of anti-ageing. Be it wrinkles, fine lines, etc, including coconut oil in your beauty regime will fight those premature ageing signs.


10. Natural Daily Moisturiser:

No commercial moisturiser can nourish your skin the way coconut oil does. Used since the ancient times, it is an amazing way of keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. But, with the advent of modern-day skin care products, most people have completely forgotten about the natural ingredients that are cost-effective and highly beneficial.


11. Night Cream:

Leaving coconut oil overnight on your skin can benefit it in ways you've not known before. The antioxidant and antibacterial properties fight the harmful bacteria and cure the skin disorders from the inside.

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