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In 10 Days Your Body Will Turn Fair, Try These Home Remedies!

The colour of one's skin is one of the most important things for Indians. Every second person in our country is worried about their colour, and they would do anything to improve their skin complexion.

It is widely seen that dark skinned people spend good amount of money on products which promise them brighter looking skin tones and thereby give a deaf ear to home remedies.

However, according to recent reports it is said that these chemically based creams in the market are nothing compared to home remedies as the latter has a permanent effect on the whole body.

Even if your tan, these natural ingredients will work wonders on your whole body to make you fair. What is remarkable about these home remedies is it works within 10 days.

So, if you want to get fair in just 10 days, here are some of the best kitchen ingredients you can use on your entire body, with no side effects! Take a look:



Lemon is generally used for skin whitening. All you need to do is massage your entire body with lemon juice and honey mix. These two ingredients will bleach your skin making you fair in 10 days.


Rose Water

Bathing in rose water with a dash of lemon juice can help to bleach your skin naturally making your body fair within 10 days. However, the lemon concentration should be more, since the rose water provides you with an after glow.


Egg Yolk

Did you know that along with the egg white, the yolk too is highly beneficial in making your skin fair. All you need to do is massage the eggs pack onto your body and rinse off with vinegar to remove the smell that remains. Follow this remedy for 10 days to get a fair body naturally.


Milk Bath

If you want good complexion and fair skin in 10 days, you need to bathe in pure milk. There is no need for soap as milk itself will cleanse your body, leaving behind a beautiful skin tone.



Massage your entire body with a combination of curd and lemon juice. This might burn a little due to the acids present in both the ingredients but it will surely make your body fair in 10 days.


Cumin Seeds

Did you know crushed cumin seeds added to bath water can help improve your skin tone, but it might take more than 10 days. However, applying a thin paste of cumin seed powder and milk on your body will improve your complexion.


Coconut Water

The ingredients present in coconut water will do wonders for your skin. Not only does it make you fair in 10 days but it also helps to remove blemishes and dark spots.

Story first published: Sunday, September 13, 2015, 15:04 [IST]