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Home Made Body Scrubs For Winter Season

By: Debdatta Mazumber

Winter is here and is knocking at your door. Have you made preparations to welcome it? Each year, people prepare to hail winter with colourful blankets and woolens and they plan for picnics and fairs. Winter means food and it also means total fun. Especially, in the tropical regions, where people get irritated with the long summer, winter comes to them as great relief.

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However, with all these, it carries some problems too. With cold-related diseases, it brings the problem of dry skin. Because of the lack of moist air, your skin becomes dry. If you don’t take precaution beforehand, it can become flaky and rough during the winter.

There are people who say scrubs are not for winter, as they make your skin a little dry during winters. But, there are several mild body scrubs that you can use to treat dry skin in winter season. With these elements, you need not be afraid of itchy and blistering skin.

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There are several body scrubs available during the winter season in the markets. But, home-made mild body scrubs to treat dry skin during winter season are incomparable to others. So, enjoy the season to the fullest with glowing skin instead of a cracked and chapped one.

Using only soap merely is not enough to remove the dirt and dead skin cells from your skin. Their deposition increases a lot during winter times. So, here are certain mild body scrubs that you can make at home to treat dry skin during winter season. Remember, whichever scrub you use, always apply a body cream to moisturise your skin after scrubbing.


1. Salt and Honey Scrub

Salt is a wonderful remedy to remove dead skin while honey can moisturize and prevent further dryness. Take sea salt and mix it with honey. Rub your skin mildly. It is a superb scrub for cracked heels and toes.


2. Almond and Cornmeal Scrub

This is also one of the effective body scrubs for winter season. Ground almonds roughly and add cornmeal, jojoba oil, sugar and coconut oil to it. Also, add few drops of honey or lemon juice. Now, scrub slowly for maximum 5 minutes. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.


3. Coconut Scrub with Vanilla-

This is very simple to make. Take ½ cup coconut oil and mix it with similar quantity of vanilla extract and sugar. Now, wet your face with water. Rub the scrub in circular motion to exfoliate and wash clean.


4. Milk and Baby Oil

Soft and smooth feet are not a dream anymore. Mix a cup of milk with 5 cups of warm water. Immerse your feet for almost 5 minutes. Take those out and apply a paste, made of sugar, salt and baby oil. Massage well. Rub with a pumice stone. Rinse clean.


5. Rose Petal Scrub

Mild body scrubs to treat dry skin in winter season must include this one. This need to be made few days before using it. Take a jar; pour coconut oil into it. Now, add rose petals and sugar. Top it with jojoba or almond oil. Smash it well before using.


6. Salt, Oil and Herb Scrub

Take 5-6 TSPs of Himalayan rock salt, half cup almond oil and 2TSPs of extra virgin olive oil. Now, add 1 tsp thyme, basil leaves and lemon zest to it. You can also use few drops of lemon or patchouli oil. Mix the whole mixture well and apply all over your body.


7. Coffee Scrub

What are the mild body scrubs to treat dry skin in winter season? Take ½ cup freshly brewed coffee ground and mix it with peppermint oil, vanilla extract, olive oil and brown sugar. Damp your body and apply all over. Rinse well.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 3:05 [IST]
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