5 Natural Ways To Get Thicker & Longer Eyelashes

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The function of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dust particles. Therefore, eyelashes require proper nourishment and care. Apart from that, eyelashes also adds on to your look and enhances your overall appearance. But, we normally tend to ignore it. Eyelashes are important,like any other feature on the face. Even though the length and thickness of eyelashes depends on the genetic factors, we can make the lashes look thick by following certain natural methods.

Most of the women prefer wearing fake eyelashes to flaunt their eyes. It's time ditch those fake lashes because now you can make your lashes look fuller and longer, naturally. In today's article, we at Boldsky will be sharing few home remedies that naturally increase the growth of eyelashes making it longer and thicker. Read on to know more about it.

5 Natural Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes

Olive Oil: Conditioning your lashes with olive oil, increases its growth rate. Just apply a good amount of olive oil on your lashes before hitting the bed and wash it off the next morning for best results.

5 Natural Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes

Castor Oil: Castor oil has been used since ages to lengthen the eyelashes naturally. It is also effective in thickening and regrowing hair. Apply castor oil on the lashes before going to bed and wash it off, the next morning.

Almond Oil: Almond oil treatment is also effective in nourishing the eyelashes. Apply almond oil every day and cleanse it with rose water, the next morning.

5 Natural Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is widely used for hair growth. Massaging coconut oil on the eyelids works wonders in getting longer and thicker eyelashes. Apply coconut oil generously on the eyelashes and rinse the next morning.

Egg White: Egg white is packed with vitamins which will help in speeding up the growth of eyelashes.. Apply egg white on the eyelashes and wash it after few minutes. Repeat this procedure for a week and you will be amazed with its results.

5 Natural Ways To Get Longer Eyelashes
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