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Shaping Eyebrows At Home: 5 Thumb Rules

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Shaping Eyebrows
Have you ever tried shaping your eyebrows at home. Apart from the skill you need to use tweezers or a thread, you need a very sharp sense of geometry to supplement it. If you really want to know how to pluck your eyebrows then it is purely mathematical geometry; it is all bout angles and lines and geometrical shapes that lead to perfection of eyebrow shapes.

If you are shaping your eyebrows at home then you need to follow some thumb rules to do so. When you are planning to pluck your eyebrows make sure you go by these rules.

Thumb Rules For Shaping Eyebrows:

1. Get The Axis Right: It is very important to get the right proportion of your face and the axis on which you will place your eyebrows. Your eyebrows must divide your face into two equal halves or at least it should pretend to do so. If you draw two imaginary parallel lines from the inner circle of your nostrils towards your forehead then the space in between should be left blank. These 2 lines are your axis placing the brows proportionately in the two halves of your face.

2. Where To Begin: There is no hard and fast rule for eyebrow shaping that says that your brows should begin at this point only. However if you draw a straight line from the inner corner of your eye then this is roughly the point at which your eyebrow should begin. Some people have joined brows or eyes that are close together, for them this rule doe not apply. Try not stray far away from this line or else you will look weird with eyebrows far apart.

3. The Arch Point: Where should the highest point of your arch brow be? It is not up to choice, actually there is a very particular mathematical formula for it. If you draw an imaginary line from the middle of your nose making a 45 degree angle with the line from where your eyebrow starts then it will pass through the highest part of the arched shape of your eyebrow. Do not get confused; only when you do it will it fall into place.

4. Where To End: This too is not up to choice unless you have really wild eyebrows that cannot be controlled. You must know how to pluck your eyebrows in such a way that if you draw third line parallel to the arch line that begins from the outer corner of your nostril then it will indicate the end of your brow.

5. Thick Of Things: How thick or thin your eyebrows are really depends on you. If you have naturally thin eyebrows then you have little choice; waste as little of it as possible. If you have naturally thick ones then don't waste them totally by doing thin arches. Bushy eyebrows can look good with taming.

Use these beauty tips for women when you are shaping your eyebrows.

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Story first published: Monday, January 30, 2012, 15:56 [IST]
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