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Common Foot Skin Problems

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Having a clean and soft feet is a dream of every women. However, women find it very difficult to care for their feet as they have to wear sandals, slippers and heels that expose the foot skin all the time. Men do not have rough feet like women simply because their feet are always covered by shoes and socks.

There are few foot skin problems that are commonly faced by women. Lets check out...

Common Foot Skin Problems

Cracked feet: This is one of the most common foot skin problems that women as well as men face. However, the problem is more commonly faced by women. Exposure to dirt, rough surfaces, floor etc are causes of cracked feet. Also dry skin can cause cracked feet. Feet doesn't have sebaceous glands that secrete natural oils or moisture. Thus, moisturise your feet regularly and make sure you wear shoes and closed footwear till you cure cracked feet.

Athlete's foot: This is a toe infection that causes sore and itchy patches in between the toes. These patches end up with cracks or flakes. Wash your feet every day while taking bath and keep them clean.

Dry skin: Exposure and lack of oil glands in the feet are causes of dry skin around your feet. You will see that your heels are dry and rough because of the dryness. This is another common foot problem that both women and men face on a regular basis. You should apply a moisturiser twice a day. Once after taking bath in the morning and second time before hitting the bed. Make sure you do not walk after applying moisturiser. Let the skin cells absorb moisture and see how your feet become soft and mositurised few weeks later. You can also add few drops of essential oil in your bath tub or bucket to moisturise the body.

Shoe bite: When you wear new footwear, you find a red swollen skin on your feet. This sore skin is a bite that occurs when you wear new shoes. Avoid wearing sharp-edged shoes, tight-fitting shoes for more than 2-3 hours in the first few days. This prevents you from getting shoe bite while your feet is getting used to the new shoes.

Fungal infections: Sweating can lead to smelly feet. Lack of foot care can lead to fungal infections too. Women keep long toenails to make their feet look attractive. These toenails are always exposed to dirt and dust that deposit inside them. It can lead to fungal infections. Itchy feet, redness or pain in the corners of the toenails are symptoms of fungal infections. Go for spa and clean your toenails regularly to avoid suffering from foot infections.

Visit a spa and take proper care of your feet to avoid these skin problems.

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