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    3 Unique Ways To Scrunch Your Hair At Home

    Scrunching is a popular at-home technique that can emphasize natural wave pattern, boost hair's volume and keep annoying flyaways at bay. This easy-to-do technique has been around for ages. Women often use it to restore beauty of the hair.

    In this method, you have to scrunch sections of your hair to give them a wavy look. The only ingredients required to carry out scrunching at home are general hair care products like mousse, serum and hairspray.

    Ways To Scrunch Your Hair

    This effortless method can help you achieve beautiful and elegant-looking waves at home without having to pay a visit to a hair salon.

    Contrary to common misbelief, it is very much possible to control frizzy hair without going for salon treatments. At-home treatments like scrunching or using natural hair masks can help you de-frizz hair and get manageable soft hair.

    There are different hair care ingredients like apple cider vinegar, beer, etc., that can fight the flyaways and improve the texture of the hair strands. You can either use these hair masks or try to scrunch your hair to get great results.

    If you're wondering how to carry out this beauty technique at home, then we've got you covered. We have rounded up some of the most unique and effective ways to scrunch your hair at home.

    These ways are easy to carry out and are popular for their effectiveness. So, give any of these methods a try to get frizz free, wavy hair.

    1. Scrunching Hair With A Towel

    The easiest way to scrunch your hair is with the help of a towel. For this hair treatment, it is best to use a microfibre towel, as they are considered to be good for fighting frizziness.


    • Thoroughly wash your hair with a good shampoo and follow up by applying a little bit of conditioner to the ends of the roots.
    • Comb your wet hair with a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots from the hair.
    • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and squeeze the strands to get rid of dripping water.
    • Apply a volume-boosting product such as a serum or mousse to your hair.
    • Take a towel and start gently scrunching your wet hair.
    • Start scrunching from the end of the tresses and work your way up to the scalp area.
    • Continue scrunching with a towel till your hair is wet.

    2. Scrunching Hair With Clips

    Another inexpensive and super-easy way of scrunching hair is with the help of clips. With the help of clips, you can attain gorgeous wavy locks and keep frizzy hair at bay.


    • After cleaning your hair, use a clean cotton t-shirt to dry them.
    • Once done, use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of tangles or knots from your hair.
    • Divide your hair into various sections. Take each section and roll it to before using a pin to keep the strands in place. In the end, you should have numerous buns on your head.
    • Spritz a little bit of a hairspray to keep the buns in place. Allow them to stay on till your hair becomes dry.
    • Take out the pins one by one and start scrunching your hair with your fingertips. Keep scrunching for a few minutes.
    • Follow up by applying a serum to your hair.

    3. Hair Scrunching With A Blow Dryer

    Blow dryers, especially the ones that come with a diffuser can also be used for scrunching hair. When used correctly, this styling tool can help you achieve gorgeous, frizz-free tresses at home.


    • Prep your hair with a volume-enhancing mousse to detangle the strands and get rid of the knots.
    • Turn over your head in a way that your hair falls right in front of the face.
    • Use the blow dryer at 'low' setting to dry the ends of your hair strands. This is essential for fighting off frizziness.
    • Keep the dryer at least 2-3 inches away from your head while drying your locks.
    • While you're drying, scrunch up the hair strands with your fingers.
    • Scrunch and blow dry your hair simultaneously for optimum results.
    • Once done, comb your hair with a brush and spritz an anti-frizz hairspray.

    Tips To Remember For Healthy Hair:

    - Use hair care products that are sulphate-free to keep frizziness at bay.
    - Try using a leave-in conditioner to help your hair retain moisture and become soft and smooth.
    - Stay away from hair sprays that contain alcohol as they can make your hair dry and brittle.
    - Use a silk pillowcase to fight the flyaways problem.
    - Incorporate anti-frizz products into your hair care routine to help your hair stay healthy.

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    Story first published: Friday, July 27, 2018, 12:45 [IST]
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