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    How To Get Fuller Lips Without Surgery

    By Riddhi Roy
    Lips: बिना सर्जरी होंठों को बनायें खूबसूरत, How to get naturally plump & beautiful Lips | Boldsky

    Every girl has, at some point of time, tried to make her lips look fuller. It does not mean that thin lips are not attractive, however if girls want fuller lips, they could achieve it with ease.

    It is easier to apply lipstick on fuller lips, and use more versatile shades, which is why a lot of people go in for lip injections. But the thought of having some artificial ingredient injected into your lips can be scary, especially after watching the videos.

    How To Get Fuller Lips Without Surgery

    It is true that they do numb the area out before injecting it, but the healing time can be rough.

    Plus, you have to go for a sitting every few months once, and these procedures can be quite expensive. Here are some methods you can use to get fuller lips without the hassle of a surgery and in the comfort of your home.

    These are all cost-effective, tried and tested, and safe.

    1. Scrub:
    Scrub your lips using a lip scrub. You can make one yourself, with sugar and olive oil, or use a store-bought lip scrub. Scrubbing your lips helps get rid of the dead skin cells on the lips, making them smoother and plumper due to increased blood circulation.

    You can also do this using a toothbrush with some petroleum jelly on it. You will see that scrubbing your lips makes the lipstick go on better too.

    2. Use Cinnamon:
    Cinnamon instantly plumps up your lips. You will feel a tingling feeling when you apply it and then you will see that your lips look plump. This will not last the whole day of course. You can use store-bought cinnamon powder mixed into a bit of petroleum jelly for this and keep reapplying as and when you need it.

    3. Lip Gloss:
    If you want your lips to look extremely plump and juicy, we would suggest you to stick to lip gloss and not go in with a matte lipstick. Using a lip gloss, especially on the center of your lips, can make your lips look bigger.

    Go for a lip gloss with a slight pink tinge to make your lips look naturally pink. Or you can even use a lip stain underneath the lip gloss.

    4. Gold Highlight:
    Another thing you can do to make your lips look bigger is to apply your highlighter on the center of your lips. Make sure that this is pale gold in colour, as that seems to work best for the lips.

    When the light hits the high points of your lips, they will look instantly plumper. You can double up on this tip with the previous tip and add the highlight to your lip gloss for added results.

    5. Lip Liner:
    A lot of girls use a lip liner to over line their lips. A lip liner adds dimension and shapes your lips before you use lipsticks. You can also use a lip liner to over line the lips slightly over the boundaries of the lips.

    Be sure not to go too over the boundary, else it can look fake and awkward. For the most natural-looking big lips, you can use a nude coloured lip liner to over line your lips. A pinky nude works best for most Indian skin tones.

    6. Lipsticks:
    We have noticed, through years of experimentation, that dark berry shades, browns, maroons and plums actually make the lips look thinner in size. If you want your lips to look big, use a pink-toned nude lipstick.

    Another option is to over line your lips and then apply a bright, vibrant blue-based red. These reds not only make your lips look bigger, but they also brighten your entire face and make your teeth look whiter. It's a win win.

    7. Concealer:
    Apply a concealer that is the exact shade of your skin tone all around your mouth. This will make your lips stand out, and make them look plump and big. Additionally, you can apply a concealer about two shades darker than your skin tone, right underneath the centre of your mouth.

    This adds a shadow in that area, making the area look deeper than it actually is. This is like contouring for the mouth. Another great tip you can try using concealer, is to use a slightly lighter concealer to highlight your cupid's bow.

    You can even add some glitter to that area. This cupid's bow highlight gives a much more defined shape to the lips and makes them look so much plumper.

    We hope you try out these tips the next time you apply a lipstick and get the lips you have always dreamed of with ease. For more beauty and fashion updates, keep following Boldsky.

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    Story first published: Monday, June 11, 2018, 14:30 [IST]
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