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    Homemade Honey And Lemon Mix For Treating Pimples

    Honey Lemon Face pack - do's and donts, नींबू-शहद फेसपैक से जुड़ी खास बातें | DIY | BoldSky

    Having an oily skin can be quite annoying, especially as it is quite prone to breakouts and acne. For any woman, the most feared skin problem, mainly if the skin is of an oily type, is the appearance of pimples frequently. Occurrence of pimples tends to be a persistent problem for people with an oily skin.

    Over-the-counter medication to treat pimples can be expensive as well as not so good for your skin in the long run. These might give temporary results, but usually leave an acne scar behind that might seem to fade. Using simple home-based remedies could be quite effective in treating pimples for people with oily skin.

    Honey and Lemon Mix For Pimples

    One such homemade recipe is the mix of honey and lemon. Read on to know about the preparation and how this mix can effectively reduce and eliminate your problem of a pimple-prone skin.

    Why Is Oily Skin Prone To Pimples?

    Oily skin results in excessive amount of sebum being formed, which is responsible for the appearance of pimples. Understanding that you have an oily skin is the first step before you begin using any form of treatment. Oily skin tends to show enlarged pores and a shiny appearance all the time.

    This is because of the excess sebum. This causes skin imperfections such as pimples and blackheads. The appearance of these imperfections is most common near the forehead, nose, chin and the T-shaped zone of the face.

    Poor nutrition has also been associated with increased pimple occurrence in people with an oily skin tone. People with oily skin should avoid butter and oil. Fried and salty food tends to annoy the sebaceous glands.

    People with oily skin struggle the most during the summer season. The activity of sebaceous glands is at its peak in high temperatures.

    Pimple Treatment At Home

    Lemon juice and honey mix can do wonders to treat your skin well and make it pimple free.
    Lemon has since ages been considered the best home remedy for people who face problems due to an oily skin. Lemon is one of the ingredients that is easily available in every household kitchen and you surely cannot prevent yourself from getting your hands on it to ensure a flawless and glowing skin.

    Citric acid is the prime content of lemon juice. This is capable of controlling and neutralizing the oil secretion of the oily skin. This works towards effectively reducing pimples. This acid is known to work very well in fighting and killing the bacteria responsible for causing acne and pimples.

    Lemon juice works wonders in reducing and completely removing scars (the ones left behind after a pimple has cured).

    Lemon has been used by a majority of women to treat pimples. Lemon is known to contain a natural astringent and is also an antibacterial agent. This makes lemon act as an exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells quickly. It also prevents clogged pores.

    Honey, on the other hand, possesses antibacterial properties. It works towards restoring the moisture balance of the skin. Honey is capable of giving a natural glow to the skin. It works very well in reducing the occurrence of pimples.

    Honey has been found in use to treat cuts and wounds (where bacterial growth is likely) even before the antibiotics came into effect. Honey, being an antiseptic in nature, releases hydrogen peroxide in moderate amounts. This keeps the skin disinfected.

    Honey also has anti-inflammatory properties that help in preventing the redness and swelling associated with the occurrence of acne and pimples. Honey is effective in treating pimples and is not like the other acne treatments that usually leave the skin dry.

    Preparation And Application Of Lemon Juice And Honey Mix

    • Squeeze fresh lemon juice and take about one spoonful of it in a bowl. To this, add about the same amount of honey. Mix them well together. The result is a thick liquid-like paste in the form of a pack.
    • Apply this over your neck and face. This should be done after you have followed your skin cleansing regime. Application of the honey and lemon juice mix pack should always be done on a clean and dried face.
    • You can use a cotton ball to apply the mixture over the face and neck.
    • Leave the mixture on for about 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Then, wash it off using cold water.

    This pack application begins to show an immediate effect on the reduction of pimples. This also gives your face a natural and bright glow. Pimple marks also fade away with the use of this face pack. This treatment has been considered to be the most effective to treat pimples and acne.

    Pimples can be kept at bay by doing this simple lemon juice and honey mix pimple treatment. Once your pimples have reduced, you can start incorporating this pimple treatment in your skin care regime. This treatment should ideally be done at least twice every week.

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