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    Follow These Simple Steps To Give Yourself A Facial Massage At Home

    Facial Massage technique for Glowing Skin | इस मसाज तकनीक से तुरंत पाऐं दमकती त्वचा | Boldsky

    Every woman quite often feels the need to get a facial massage done. It is a relaxing and pleasant experience that relieves one of all the stress. Going by what the skin experts and beauticians say, facial massage at least once a month can do wonders to your facial skin.

    With time, the dead skin cells cover your face, depriving it of all the flawless inner beauty. With a regular facial massage, you can get rid of the dead skin cells along with the elimination of excess oil and dirt that would have accumulated on your face.

    Give Yourself A Facial Massage At Home

    Most of the women head to a spa or salon to get a facial massage done, in order to attain a radiant, attractive and clean facial skin. But, approaching a spa too often can cost you a lot. Moreover, the massages offered at the salons and spas are quite expensive. However, you can avoid spending thousands by learning the basics of how to do a facial massage at home. 

    Read on to know more about the tips of doing a facial massage at home, so that you can pamper your skin in the most inexpensive manner.

    Things Required To Do A Facial Massage At Home

    • Cold water

    • Skin moisturizer

    • Eye cream

    • Face scrub

    • Toner

    • Cotton

    • Sponge

    • A medium-sized bowl

    • Massage cream

    • Makeup remover

    • Face pack


    Preparing the skin well before you begin the facial massage is essential to reap the ultimate benefits of the massage.

    • Remove any makeup that might be present on your face. Take baby oil or a good cleanser. Pour a few drops of it onto some cotton. Apply this over your face, till all the makeup is off. Use cold water to wash your face.

    • Take a small amount of cleanser on your palm. Rub it between your palms gently and apply it over your face. Always remember to use products that suit your skin type.

    • Do not apply too much pressure when using the cleanser to massage your face.

    • Take a sponge dipped in water and remove the cleanser off your face.

    • Next, you will need to scrub your face. Take a good, generous amount of the exfoliator and apply this scrub over your entire face. Special attention needs to be paid while scrubbing your nose and chin area.

    The Process Of Massaging

    Once you have finished the above-mentioned steps, your face is ready for the massage.

    • After scrubbing you face well, it needs to be massaged using a massage cream. Take some amount of the massage cream on your palm. Rub it together. This is done, so that the cream turns a bit warm. This makes the process of massaging easier.

    • Begin massaging from your chin region, going upward slowly. Once the cream is spread on your entire face, you can begin with the actual massaging task. Use both the hands such that you gently massage your face using an upward direction of motion. It's recommended that you begin the actual massaging from around your throat area.

    • While massaging, reach the middle of your upper lip region and then massage, such that you stretch down where your lips would look like making a sad face.

    • Next, place your fingers around the nose region and begin massaging your cheeks till the ears.

    • Next, massage your eyes. Keep the fingers around the eyes and stretch the corner of the eyes in an upward direction.

    • Close both the eyelids using your thumb and relax in this way for a few seconds.

    • By now, the massage cream would have been absorbed completely into your skin. Now, take a sponge and remove any extra massage cream that might be left over on your face.

    The Final Step

    • Use a face pack that suits your skin type. Apply it over your face. You can leave it on for about 20 minutes or till it dries. You can use a face pack applicator brush to apply the face pack evenly on your face.

    • Next, use cotton to apply the toner on your face.

    • Take some eye cream on your fingertips and spread it evenly around the eye region. Massage gently.

    • In the final step, take some moisturizer. Dab it on your cheeks, forehead and chin area and then apply it well.

    Basic Things To Remember

    • Always remember to use clean hands. Use a good hand wash and a sanitizer preferably too, before you begin the massaging process.

    • Use skin-friendly products.

    • Do not use a face wash on the day you are doing the face massage. Just use mild cold water to wash your face.

    So, do not wait for a special occasion to do a facial massage, especially when you can do it on your own within the comfort of your home.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, June 20, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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