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Amazing DIY Lemon And Sugar Scrub You Must Try Today

Sugar Lemon Scrub, Home made DIY, घर पर बने इस स्क्रब से झटपट निखरे रंगत | BoldSky

We have millions of scrubs that's easily available to us in tubes and all we need to do is squeeze it out from the tube and apply it on our face and body. But wouldn't it be nice to make your own scrub from the ingredients that's found easily in the kitchen?

Oh, yes, this easy, inexpensive and chemical-free scrub can do wonders to your skin and body. We are talking about sugar and lemon scrub. Ooh! The smell of lemon is simply refreshing and you can imagine what it can do to your face and body as well. There are a lot of beautiful benefits of lemon and sugar and we have listed out its benefits below.

DIY lemon and sugar scrub can be used both on the face and body. This scrub is best for rough spots like feet, hands, elbows, knees and it's also great for the cuticles and nail beds. This scrub works wonderfully on acne-prone skin as it makes the skin smooth and clear, but the whole body can benefit a lot from this lemon and sugar exfoliating scrub.

Now, let us see what ingredients are required to make this amazing scrub:

Materials required:

• Half cut fresh lemon.

• Half cup of granulated sugar.

• One tablespoon of honey.

• One tablespoon of olive oil.

Lemons are good for health. It contains an amazing compound called limonoids that provides cancer fighting elements for the mouth, stomach, lungs, colon, skin and breast. Lemons are rich in vitamin C that helps fight the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun, provides even skin tone, delays the signs of ageing, reduces wrinkles, provides glow to lifeless skin, treats inflammation and pigmentation.

The antibacterial properties present in lemon helps to treat and cure acne and it is also a natural exfoliator, meaning it helps to remove the dead skin cells from the skin and provides soft and glowing skin. The alpha hydroxyl acids found in lemon helps to smooth out fine lines, reduces wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin.

Sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it draws moisture from the environment and traps it into the skin, therefore keeping the skin moisturized and hydrated. Sugar contains natural source of glycolic acid that penetrates deep into the skin and provides a fresher and younger-looking skin. The small particles of sugar is considered to be an excellent source of scrub. Since it's coarse, it helps to exfoliate the dead layers of the skin and make the skin looking healthy and fresh.

Honey is also a natural humectant, similar to that of sugar. It helps to moisturizes the skin deeply, can be used as a pore cleanser, is a gentle exfoliator. Honey also contains antiseptic properties that helps to keep the skin soft and healthy and also lightens scars and pigmentation. It is useful to treat sunburn, fights acne and pimples, slows down ageing, keeps the skin hydrated and adds natural glow to the skin.

Olive oil is packed with antioxidants, anti-ageing and hydrating squalene that works great for the skin, hair and nails. Olive oil is rich in various vitamins, like A, D, K and E, that's great for the skin. The antioxidant properties present in olive oil help protect the skin from the damage that's caused by the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is also an excellent moisturizer and it also helps to fight off acne-causing bacteria.

How To Use:

• In a clean bowl, add one tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice. Mix them well. Now, add honey into the mixture and whisk them until you get a thick consistency.

• Add half a cup of granulated sugar. You can add more if you feel that the mixture requires it.

1. As a face scrub:

Lemon and sugar exfoliating scrub is best for oily and acne-prone skin, as lemon helps to tighten pores, sugar helps to remove the dead skin cells, honey provides hydration to the skin and olive oil heals acne scars and inflammation.

• Take the lemon and sugar scrub in your fingers and apply it on your face.

• Now massage your face in a circular motion, be gentle when you massage it.

• Be careful when you are applying on an open wound as lemon has the tendency to sting.

• Leave the scrub on your face for 10 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water.

• Use this scrub two times in a week for clean and smooth skin.

2. As a body scrub:

• Apply this scrub on your body, focusing more on the rough areas of the skin, like the elbows, knees, hands, feet, nails and cuticles.

• Rub this scrub in a circular motion for 5 minutes.

• Wash it off with normal water.

• Use this scrub two times in a week.

This amazing scrub is very simple and easy to make. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. Stay pretty, ladies!

Story first published: Wednesday, July 4, 2018, 19:00 [IST]