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    Can Shea Butter Nourish Damaged Hair?

    It is important to be well aware of the telltale signs of damaged hair to be able to treat it. As turning a blind eye to damaged hair can further exacerbate the problem and cause irreparable hair disorders.

    If detected in due time, it becomes rather possible to nourish damaged hair and restore hair's natural health, volume and shine. Here are some of the most obvious signs of damaged hair that you should be on a lookout for:

    shea butter

    Split Ends - If the ends of your hair strands are split and look frayed, then there is a good chance that your hair is damaged.

    Rough Hair - This is another obvious sign of damaged hair. Keep a lookout on the texture of your hair. If it becomes rough and looks dried out, then it is time to do damage repair.

    Dullness - Naturally healthy hair has an incredible shine to it. On the other hand, damaged hair tends to look dull and lifeless.

    Breakage - Damaged hair is highly prone to breakage. Be on a lookout for this telltale sign, as not treating the damage can lead to an uncontrollable hair fall problem.

    What Factors Lead To Hair Damage?

    Both external and internal factors can lead to hair damage. Here is a list:

    • Environmental factors like UV rays, humidity, air pollutants, chlorine water can have a negative impact on the structure of your hair and cause damage.
    • Excessive use of heat styling tools like curling iron, straightener and blow dryer can cause harm to the scalp and hair.
    • Usage of chemical-infused products like hair colour can also cause irreparable damage to the hair cuticle and leave the hair looking dried out.
    • Underlying health problems and unbalanced diet also make hair damaged and susceptible to various disorders.
    • Lack of proper hair care is another factor that can lead to damage. Improper shampooing and conditioning can harm the health of the hair shaft and cause unsettling disorders.
    • Using wrong hair products is another factor that often leads to the damaged hair cuticle. For instance, if you have oily hair, then it is essential to use products specially formulated for this hair type.

    How To Overcome Hair Damage With Home Remedies?

    For ages, people have made use of home remedies to treat a plethora of hair-related problems. Certain damage-repairing home remedies such as shea butter and many others are loaded with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that can help retain moisture in the scalp, strengthen the hair shaft and significantly improve the texture and appearance of the hair strands.

    To overcome hair damage, you can either directly apply home remedies to your hair or team them with other equally beneficial remedies to create hair packs and masks. Treat your troubled hair with homemade hair masks on a regular basis to restore health and beauty to your dull and damaged hair.

    Can Shea Butter Help In Nourishing Damaged Hair?

    Shea butter is one among the highly valued hair care ingredients that are extensively used for various hair ailments. Being a rich vegetable fat, shea butter contains vitamin A and E and fatty acids. All these compounds possess hair-nourishing abilities.

    With the help of these compounds, shea butter can strengthen the hair cuticle and repair damage. Topical application of shea butter can provide deep nourishment to the scalp and hair strands.

    If Yes, How?

    There are plenty of ways in which shea butter can benefit damaged hair and restore its natural health and shine. The vitamins and minerals present in this home remedy get absorbed in the hair and scalp.

    These components have the ability to condition dry locks, prevent split ends, restore shine to dull-looking tresses and nourish hair from the inside out. Being an excellent source of high saturated fat, shea butter works much more effectively than store-bought hair care products.

    Use As A Conditioner - Instead of applying a store-bought conditioner to your hair after washing it with a shampoo, just apply a little bit of shea butter. Leave it on for good 10 minutes before rinsing it off with lukewarm water.

    Apply It Overnight - Apply shea butter to your hair and massage it all over the scalp area. Leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse it with lukewarm water.

    Make Hair Mask - Create a blend of shea butter and egg white and treat your hair with it on a weekly basis to treat damage hair and strengthen the hair cuticle.

    Some Other Essential Benefits Of Shea Butter For Hair:

    - Shea butter can also be used for the soothing irritated scalp. Its application can reduce itchiness and redness in the scalp area.
    - This home remedy is capable of balancing natural oils on your scalp without making your hair appear too greasy.
    - Regular application of shea butter can add volume to your hair and treat problems like hair thinning.

    Tips To Remember While Dealing With Damaged Hair:

    - Safeguard your hair from harsh UV rays as they can further exacerbate the damage.
    - Stay away from heat styling tools that can make your hair susceptible to damage.
    - Go for regular trims to get rid of split ends and promote the overall health of your hair. 

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    Story first published: Thursday, August 2, 2018, 15:15 [IST]
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