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5 Must-know Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Hollywood celebrities are famous not just for their exceptional acting skills but also for their flawless and gorgeous skin. People all over the world look up to the leading Hollywood ladies and admire them for their beauty.

But, ever wondered, how these leading ladies maintain their skin? If so, then do read on, as today at Boldsky, we have curated a list of some of the must-know Hollywood beauty secrets that can help your skin look its absolute best.

The skin of almost all the Hollywood A-listers looks ageless and spectacular even from up close. And, while they spend a huge sum of money on a variety of skin care treatments, they also use certain age-old techniques that are not that expensive.

From using unique facial treatments for improving the complexion to making yeast paste at home that can clear up acne, Hollywood celebrities try a variety of treatments to make sure their skin looks ageless and flawless. And, while there are many skin treatments and tips and tricks, there are few that have stood the test of time.

Moreover, these treatments and tips are wallet-friendly and quite easy to follow. Here is a list of a few must-know Hollywood beauty secrets that you can try to look picture-perfect at all times.


Yeast is perhaps one of the must-know Hollywood beauty secrets. Many insiders and skin care experts claim that Hollywood beauties often use dry yeast along with lemon juice to fight off annoying zits, prevent breakouts and help the skin look flawless and clear.

You too can try this at-home treatment by making a paste of yeast and lemon juice. Slather the resulting paste on the face and allow it to stay on for 15 minutes. This incredible combination can help your skin in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Bird Droppings

It is a one-of-a-kind facial in which nightingale droppings are used. This unique facial treatment is one of the best-kept Hollywood beauty secrets that is extremely popular among celebrities. This facial is something that has been part of the Japanese skin care regimen for more than a century.

This facial is known to brighten up the complexion and soften the skin's texture. The powdered nightingale droppings used for the treatment are known to contain an amino acid that works wonders on the complexion of the skin.

Mascara Is A Must

One makeup item that a majority of Hollywood celebrities use on a regular basis is a mascara. Irrespective of the type of look, a mascara is cited as a must. This trend is not new, it has been around for ages. A mascara highlights and boosts the appearance of the eyelashes.

Easy and beauty-enhancing, a mascara is another best-kept secret of almost all Hollywood actresses. You too can easily make this item a part of your beauty routine. Wear mascara to make your eyelashes appear luscious and pretty.

Eyes Need Special Attention

Eyes are the facial parts that attract the most attention and almost all the Hollywood celebrities are well aware of that. That is why you will never come across any photographs of a Hollywood beauty with dark circles or puffed-up eyes.

They use a wide array of undereye products and home remedies like aloe vera gel and egg white to make sure that the skin around the eyes stays healthy and looks fresh and youthful. Their eyes don't look puffed up or have wrinkles around them. You too can try applying aloe vera gel or egg white mask to ensure that the skin around your eyes stays in perfect condition.

Tips For Your Lips

Ever looked at the images of Hollywood celebrities and wondered how their lips look so incredible at all times? The answer to that is quite simple; they pay a great deal of attention to the lips. Instead of just applying lipstick, they use neutral liners to perfect the shape. After applying lipstick, they even use a tissue to blot out the extra material. You can try these techniques for achieving fuller and gorgeous lips.

Some Handy Makeup Tips To Remember:

• Use a good eyebrow pencil to highlight your brows.

• After applying lipstick, smear a little bit of powder on your lips to achieve a matte look.

• Apply foundation before applying concealer for a more natural look.

• Use a makeup sponge instead of a brush while applying foundation for better results.

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